Research and Documentation on COVID-19

Bandana Purkayastha is part of an international team of researchers funded by Social Science Research Council to develop “interdisciplinary working groups that would ask novel questions, develop new frameworks, rethink methodological approaches, and find innovative answers” to the current pandemic.

Purkayastha also worked with an international editorial team—Melanie Heath (McMaster University, Canada), Akosua Darkwah (University of Ghana) and Josephine Beoku Betts (Florida  Atlantic University, USA), to complete a collection of Global Feminist Autoethnographies: Displacements, Disruptions and Distress, which will be published by Routledge by October 2021.  These ethnographies include a critical piece jointly written by Manisha Desai, Rianka Roy, Asmita Aasavaari, Koyel Khan and Ruth Hernandez.

Many of our faculty members and graduate students have been involved in a pandemic journaling project coordinated by the Human Rights Institute.