Asmita Aasaavari

Asmita Aasaavari is a Ph.D. candidate in the sociology department at UConn. Her scholarly interests lie at the intersection of feminist gerontology, the sociology of care work, the sociology of gender, and the political economy of aging. In her research, she uses interdisciplinary methods, and feminist, and sociological lenses to shed light on how aging and the social organization of care intersect with systems of inequality such as race, class, gender, and caste. Her dissertation research looks at the interactions of economic conditions, cultural norms, gender, and family forms in shaping aging, particularly among underserved communities. As a feminist sociologist in training, she is passionate about bridging teaching, scholarship, and activism; serving not only students, universities, and disciplines, but also communities and the larger social world. Professionally beyond academia, Asmita has worked with social science research institutions in India and volunteered with rights-based social movements. At UConn, she serves on the executive board of the Graduate Employee Union and is an active member of Sociologists for Women in Society (SWS).

Photo of Asmita Aasavari.
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