Careers and Outcomes

Recent PhDs from our Department have gone on to tenure-track positions at a variety of colleges and universities including Emory University, SUNY-Stony Brook, Rutgers University, Georgia Tech, Central European University, Eastern Connecticut State University, and Wake Forest University. Others have gone on to applied research positions and leadership roles at ICF International, Sociologists for Women in Society, Meta and Springtide Research Institute and the Department of Housing and Urban Development.


2010 – 2024


Carol Ann Jackson
Assistant Professor, Pacific Lutheran University

Zachary Kline
The College of New Jersey

Rianka Roy
Assistant Professor, Wake Forest University

Davida Schiffer
Assistant Professor, Northern Michigan University


Ordoitz Galilea
Assistant Professor, Sociology, Susquehanna University

Kristen Kirksey
Project Policy Analyst | Institute for Health & Aging, University of California, San Francisco


Amy Lawton
Research Manager, Chaplaincy Innovation Lab, Brandeis University

Nabil Tueme
Senior Research Associate | Springtide Research Institute

Emma Gonzalez-Sobrino
Director of Communications, Jews of Color Initiative


Ezana Amdework Atsbeha
Assistant Professor, Sociology | Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia

Selam Esayas Negatu
Assistant Professor, Sociology | Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia

Latisha Nielsen
Associate Professor, Sociology | Central Connecticut State University

Jordan McMillian
Field Representative, University of Connecticut Professional Employees AFT Union


Koyel Khan
Assistant Professor, Sociology | Tennessee Wesleyan University

Michael Rosino
Assistant Professor, Sociology | Molloy College

Ruth Hernandez
Scholar-in-Residence | Wabash College

Shi (Sylvia) Pu
CEO, Sylvia Pu Consulting

Kathleen Ragon
Assistant Clinical Professor, Labor Education | Penn State


Cristina Khan
Assistant Professor, Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, SUNY-Stony Brook University

Qiong Wu
Assistant Professor, Sociology & Anthropology | Central European University, Hungary

Angran Li
Assistant Professor, Sociology, NYU Shanghai

Joonghyun Kwak
Postdoctoral researcher, Education Department | Oxford University

Adane Zawdu Gebyanesh
Fellow, Schusterman Center for Israel Studies, Brandeis University

Bianca Gonzalez-Sobrino
UX Researcher | Meta

Abby Willis
Teaching Assistant Professor, Sociology, Siena College

Kamryn Warren
Assistant Professor, Sociology | Northern Iowa University


Josef Ma
Assistant Professor | National Tai Pei University, Taiwan

Nicolas Simon
Assistant Professor, Sociology | Eastern CT State University


Farhan Yousaf
Professor, Sociology, ; Director, Institute of Peace and Security Studies | University of Punjab

Allen Hyde
Associate Professor, Sociology | Georgia Institute of Technology

Aspen Chen
Adjunct faculty, Sociology | North Hennepin Community College

Kristine Olsen
Adjunct faculty, Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies | University of Connecticut


Roseanne Njiru
Assistant Professor, Social Sciences | University of Nairobi, Kenya

Christopher Donnelly
Staff Researcher | State of VT, Dept. of Mental Health


Miho Iwata
Assistant Professor, Sociology | Towson University

Travis Lowe
Associate Professor, Sociology | University of Tulsa

Barret Katuna
Executive Officer | Sociologists for Women in Society


Stacy Missari
Associate Professor, Sociology | California State University, Northridge

Chandra Waring
Assistant Professor, Sociology | U Mass-Lowell

Ranita Ray
Associate Professor, Sociology | University of New Mexico

Christine Zozula
Associate Professor, Sociology | University of Rhode Island

Shweta Adur
Associate Professor, Women and Gender Studies | California State University, Fullerton

Rachel Leventhal-Weiner
Chief Research and Planning Officer | Connecticut's Office of Early Childhood

Lwendo Moonzwe Davis
Manager, Research and Data Analysis | ICF International


Mustufa Gurbuz

Program Analyst | US Dept of Housing and Urban Development

Cheryl McFarland

Director of Data and Evaluation | Central Jersey Family Health Consortium


Deric Shannon

Associate Professor, Sociology | Oxford College, Emory University

Jungyun Gill

Associate Professor, Sociology | Stonehill College

Melissa Lavin

Associate Professor, Sociology | SUNY-Oneonta

Thomas Hochschild Jr.

Professor, Sociology | Valdosta State University

Barbara Gurr

Associate Professor in Residence, Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies | University of Connecticut


Jamie Gusrang

Assistant Professor, Social Science | Community College of Philadelphia

Angie Beeman

Associate Professor, Public/Int'l Affairs | Baruch College-CUNY

Maura Kelly

Associate Professor, Sociology | Portland State University

Gordon Gauchat

Associate Professor, Sociology | University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Natalie Peluso

Data and Placement Administrator | University of Cumbria, UK

Mary Burke

Senior Lecturer, Sociology and Women's and Gender Studies | University of Vermont

Doctoral Dissertations Granted

2014 – 2024


Carol Ann Jackson
Ph.D. Dissertation: By Any Means Necessary: Criminalization, Trauma, and Resilience of Youth of Color Living in an Inner City 

Zachary Kline
Ph.D. Dissertation: The Rise of “Choice” Programs: 100 Years of Social Sorting in Social Welfare Services 

Rianka Roy
Ph.D. Dissertation: The Counter-Conduct of Labor: How Indian Tech Workers Organize in India and the US

Davida Schiffer
Ph.D. Dissertation: Gender, Revealed: Cisnormativity in Everyday Discourses


Galilea Ordoitz
Ph.D. Dissertation: What it Takes to Throw a Party: Community Frames of Meaning, Identity and Contestation in the Festival of San Fermín

Kristen Kirksey
Ph.D. Dissertation: Global Priorities and Local Realities: The Implementation of Global Health and Development Policy in Ethiopia


Amy Lawton
Ph.D. Dissertation: Donor Bodies, Medical Schools, and the Scientific Sacred

Emma Gonzalez-Lesser
Ph.D. Dissertation: Becoming Jewish: Ethno-Racial Identity and Jews by Choice

Nabil Tueme
Ph.D. Dissertation: Latino Youth Activism: Reconceptualizing Risk in Social Movement Theory


Latisha Nielsen
Ph.D. Dissertation: You drop them off, I’ll pick them up: An Analysis of Families lived Experiences With Building Cultural Capital in their Progeny.

Jordan McMillan
Ph.D. Dissertation: Risk and Framing in Health Social Movements

Selam Esayas Negatu
Ph.D. Dissertation: Clapping with One Hand: Conceptualizing Female Headship and Intersecting Inequalities in Farming in Ethiopia

Ezana Amdework Atsbeha
Ph.D. Dissertation: Crafting a Hybrid: Water, Infrastructure, and Conflict in Irrigation Institutions in Ethiopia

Caner Hazar
Ph.D. Dissertation: The LGBT Movement in Turkey, 1980-2020: Applying a Heteronational Matrix Analysis


Ruth Hernandez
Ph.D. Dissertation: "Rompiendo Fronteras:" Family Reunification and Activism in a Transnational Mexican Community

Koyel Khan
Ph.D. Dissertation: Between Nationalism and Neoliberal Globalization: the practices of Indian Classical Dance

Shi (Sylvia) Pu
Ph.D. Dissertation: Institutions, Self-transformations, and the Making of the Chinese Middle Class

Kathleen Ragon
Ph.D. Dissertation: "This is a place of Business:" The Market Schema and Graduate Employee Unionization in the Corporate University

Michael Rosino
Ph.D. Dissertation: Democracy is Awkward: Grassroots Progressive Politics and Racial Inequality


Chong-suk Han
Ph.D. Dissertation: Different Shades of Queer: Race and Racism in Gay America

Cristina Khan
Ph.D. Dissertation: Undoing Borders: A Feminist Exploration of Erotic Performance by Lesbian Women of Color

Adane Zawdu Gebyanesh
Ph.D. Dissertation: When Rituals Migrate: A Study Of The Relationships Between Collaborative Culture Practices And Social Ties Among Ethiopian Immigrants In Israel

Bianca Gonzalez-Sobrino
Ph.D. Dissertation: "Todo es un interes." Puerto Ricans, Belonging, "Race", and Threat in Hartford

Abby Willis
Ph.D. Dissertation: State Projects/ Daily Life: Negotiating Non-Monogamies 

Angran Li
Ph.D. Dissertation: Unequal Childhoods Revisited: Examining the Causal Effects of  Concerted Cultivation in Elementary School

Qiong (Miranda) Wu
Ph.D. Dissertation: Inequality Matters in Transitional China: The Hukon System, Class Structure, and Stratification Outcomes

Joonghyun Kwak
Ph.D. Dissertation: The Impact of the Great Recession on Attitudes toward Globalization: A Cross-National Study of 22 Countries


Erika Del Villar
Ph.D. Dissertation: Our Holy Grail: Power, States, and Networks in the Stymied Global Quest to Define Terrorism

Devon Goss
Ph.D. Dissertation: The Paradox of Integration: Whites Entering Spaces of Color

Nikki McGary
Ph.D. Dissertation: Adolescent Reproduction and the Contradictory Role of the State: A Discourse Analysis of Abortion Laws and Parental

Todd Vachon
Ph.D. Dissertation: Clean Air and Good Jobs: U.S. Labor and the Struggle for Climate Justice

Kamryn Warren
Ph.D. Dissertation: Resettlement as Everyday Life: Navigating the Bureaucracy of Forced Migration


Kuo-Hsun (Josef) Ma
Ph.D. Dissertation: The Inequality of Digital Learning among Students in Rich and Poor Countries

Nicolas Simon
Ph.D. Dissertation: First-Generation College Students And Their Social Capital, An Intersectional Approach

Malaena Taylor
Ph.D. Dissertation: Social Movements and Mainstream Media: Framing Processes in an Ideologically Segmented TV News Field


Por-fu Aspen Chen
Ph.D. Dissertation: The Early Academic Growth of Children of U.S.
Immigrants: A Longitudinal Analysis

Allen Hyde
Ph.D. Dissertation: Neoliberalism, Finance, and Income Inequality: An Examination of Affluent Capitalist Democracies

Kristine Olsen
Ph.D. Dissertation: Negotiating Success: Organizational Continuity and Decline in the Movement for Same-Sex Marriage

Farhan Yousaf
Ph.D. Dissertation: Fleeing Violence: Gender, Human Rights, and Trafficking in Women in Pakistan


Christopher Donnelly
Ph.D. Dissertation: The Virtual Vanguard: White Supremacism, the Internet, and Social Change

Roseanne Njiru
Ph.D. Disseration: Nipe-nikupe: A Multi-level Perspective of Gender and HIV Prevention in Heterosexual Marriages in Kenya


Miho Iwata
Ph.D. Dissertation: The Racial Landscape in Japan

Barret Katuna
Ph.D. Dissertation: Breaking the Glass Ceiling?: Gender and Leadership in Higher Education

Christine Zozula
Ph.D. Dissertation: Meaningful Punishment: Community Courts and Constructions of Crime

Previous Years


Shweta Adur
Ph.D. Dissertation: Negotiating Sexuality and Ethnicity: Queer South Asians in the U.S.

Cheryl (Smith) McFarland
Ph.D. Dissertation: The Changing Structure of Healthcare Organizations: Examining Physician-Hospital Integration and its Impact on Healthcare and Quality of Care in Metropolitan Areas

Stacy Missari
Ph.D. Dissertation: Sexual Empowerment for All?: Exploring the Connections between Social Inequality and Expectations of Sexual Pleasure from Adolescence to Young Adulthood

Rachel Leventhal-Weiner
Ph.D. Dissertation: Keeping it in Context: Examining Spatial Stratification of College Attendance for Rural, Urban, and Suburban Students

Lwendo Moonzwe
Ph.D. Dissertation: Women's Empowerment and Sexual Risk in Zambia

Ranita Ray
Ph.D. Dissertation: Against the Odds: Urban Youth, Poverty, and "Success"

Chandra Waring
Ph.D. Dissertation: Beyond "Codeswitching": The Racial Capital of Black/White Biracial Americans


Mustafa Gurbuz
Ph.D. Dissertation: Kurdish Ethnic and Islamic Mobilizations in Turkey: A Study of Rival Movements


Barbara Gurr
Ph.D. Dissertation: The Ruling Relations of Reproductive Healthcare for Native American Women

Thomas R. Hochschild Jr.
Ph.D. Dissertation: Neighbors by Design: Determinants and Effects of Residential Social Cohesion

Melissa Lavin
Ph.D. Dissertation: What Strippers Know and Do: Substance Use and Sanctions at Mell’s Belles

Deric Shannon
Ph.D. Dissertation: Making Culture: Food Not Bombs

Jungyun Gill
Ph.D. Dissertation: Forming, Doing, and Governing Adoptive Motherhood of Asian Children: Implications for a Non-Biocentric Theory of Families

Mary Burke
Ph.D. Dissertation: Medico-Psychology, Body Politics, and the Transgender Health Movement

Gordon Gauchat
Ph.D. Dissertation: The Politicization of Science in the Public Sphere


Maura Kelly
Ph. D. Dissertation: Feminist Identity, Feminist Politics: A Sociological Exploration of Contemporary U.S. Feminism

Natalie Peluso
Ph. D. Dissertation: High Heels and Fast Wheels: Alternative Femininities in Neo-Burlesque and Flat-Track Roller Derby

Jamie Gusrang
Ph. D. Dissertation: Removing the “Risk” from Adolescent Sexual Behavior: An Intersectional Analysis of Adolescent Sexual Empowerment

Angie Beeman
Ph.D. Dissertation: Grassroots Organizing and Post-Civil Rights Racism: The Dilemma of Negotiating Interracial Solidarity in a Color-Blind Society


Medora Barnes
Ph.D. Dissertation: Balancing Beliefs, Behaviors, and a Baby: How young dual-earner couples negotiate paid and unpaid work during the transition to parenthood

Lauren Ross
Ph.D. Dissertation: Contradictions in Power, Sexuality, and Consent: An Institutional Ethnography of Male Neonatal Circumcision

David Kremelberg
Ph.D. Dissertation: Sources and Targets of Anti-Semitism in the United States

Thomas Volscho
Ph.D. Dissertation: Sterilization Racism: A Quantitative Study of Pan-Ethnic and Ethnic Disparities in Sterilization, Sterilization Regret, and Long-Acting Contraceptive Use

Katie Acosta
Ph.D. Dissertation: Amigas y Amantes”: How First and Second Generation Latinas Negotiate Family, Partnerships, and Community in the United States

Timothy Stablein
Ph.D. Dissertation: Negotiating Spaces: A Study of Street Life, Peer Involvement, and Homelessness in Harvard Square


Stephen Ostertag
Ph.D. Dissertation: Negotiating News A Study of the Social Construction of News Realities or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Know the News-World


Debarashmi, Mitra
Ph.D. Dissertation: Globalization, Women’s Labor Force Status, and Empowerment: A Cross-National Study

Andrew Fullerton
Ph.D. Dissertation: Between Industry and Labor Market: Examining the Impact of the Spatial Agglomeration of Firms and Industries on Wages in the U.S.

Casey Borch
Ph.D. Dissertation: Whose Opinion Counts? An Analysis of the Opinion-Policy Linkage in the U.S. States

William Armaline
Ph.D. Dissertation: Human Rights Abuses and Systemic Racism Through the Criminalization of Survival: An Ethnographic Exploration of Juvenile Detention in a New England City

Anjana Narayan
Ph.D. Dissertation: Ethnic Organizations and Ethnic Identities: Websites as a Tool for Creating Transnational Gendered Identities


Laura Steck
Ph.D. Dissertation: Gender and Parenthood in Postsecondary Education: The Social Organization of Everyday Life Among Undergraduate Students with Children


Christine Fay
Ph.D. Dissertation: Social Context of the Performance Appraisal Process: Exploring Individual, Organizational Job, and Social Effects on Employee Reactions to Performance Appraisal

Rachel Sullivan
Ph.D. Dissertation: Negotiating Family Approval of Black/White Interracial Relationships

Donald Levy
Ph.D. Dissertation: Sports Fanship Habitus: An Investigation of the Active Consumption of Sport, Its Effects and Social Implications Through the Lives of Fantasy Sport Enthusiasts

Karen Powell Sears
Ph.D. Dissertation: Extending Disidentification Theory: The Effects of Stereotype Threat on the Self-Concept, Academic Engagement, and School Performance of African American and Latino High School Students


Danielle Currier
Ph.D. Dissertation: Gendered Athletes: The Social Construction of Gender, Sexuality, and Emotion Among College Athletes

Virginia Merlini
Ph.D. Dissertation: A Case Study of the Equestrian Sport of Polo: An Integrative Approach To Issues of Structure, Function, and Interaction

Sandra Bender Fromson
Ph.D. Dissertation: Pawns, Knights, Or Kings: Understanding the Role of Regulators in Public Policy


Beth Jacobson
Ph.D. Dissertation: Rooting for Laundry: An Examination of the Creation and Maintenance of a Sport Fan Identity

Dena Wallerson
Ph.D. Dissertation: Staying Black”: An Analysis of Outcomes of Pressure to Demonstrate One’s Racial Connectedness

Florence Maatita
Ph.D. Dissertation: Mothers and Playgroups: “Doing” Motherhoods in the Social Sphere

Beth A. Merenstein
Ph.D. Dissertation: Racial Reproduction: The Development and Expression of Racial Knowledge Among Immigrants

Frederick Roth
Ph.D. Dissertation: Urban Policing in the Democratic Third World: A Comparative Study of Botswana and Mauritius


Donna Bird
Ph.D. Dissertation: Determinants of State-Level Health Care Reform Policies, 1988-1994

Joan Twiggs
Ph.D. Dissertation: The Medical Framing of Abortion: A Comparative Study of Abortion Discourse in the Media and the Supreme Court

Marita McComiskey
Ph.D. Dissertation: Passionately Political Peace-Activist Parents: Nurturing the World While Politicizing the Family

Mark Swiencicki
Ph.D Dissertation: Difference For Sale: How Advertisers Construct Different Versions of Race, Class, Gender, and Sexuality in Ten Men’s Magazines

Mangala, Subramaniam
Ph.D. Dissertation: Translating Participation in Informal Organizations into Empowerment: Women in Rural India


Rosalie Stone
Ph. D. Dissertation: Beyond Hispanic: Decomposing the Earnings Gap Between Puerto Ricans, Cubans and Mexicans

Angus Donald Vail
Ph.D. Dissertation: The Tattoos We Deserve: Producing Culture and Constructing Elitism

Monibo Sam
Ph.D. Dissertation: Obstacles to the Continuity of Small Businesses: The Problem of Succession in Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs) in South-Eastern Nigeria, 1971-1997

John T. Ambenge
Ph.D. Dissertation: Breaking Traditional Bonds: Analysis of Female Rural-Urban Migration in Kenya

Lance E. Hannon
Ph.D. Dissertation: Urban Poverty, Public Assistance, and Murder in the U.S.

Cynthia C. Barrere
Ph.D. Dissertation: Nurse-Patient Communication: The Influence of Gender, Time, and Context


Heather Madray
Ph.D. Dissertation: Cultural and Institutional Factors in Health Promotion Theory: The Case of HIV Prevention in Russia

Robert J. Mills
Ph.D. Dissertation: Social Determinants of Adolescent Tobacco Use

Bandana Purkayastha
Ph.D. Dissertation: Ethnic Vitality of Asian Americans and Hispanics: Do Places Matter?


Hong Xiao
Ph.D. Dissertation: A Comparative Study of Childrearing Values in the United State and China

Sandra Enos
Ph.D. Dissertation: Managing Motherhood in Prison: Examining the Enactment of Motherhood in a Special Setting

Julia McQuillan
Ph.D. Dissertation: Gender and Marital Power: Explaining the Division of Labor, Perceived Equity, and Distress Among Two Earner Couples

Loretta Bass
Ph.D. Dissertation: Working for Peanuts: Children’s Market Work in Urban Areas of Senegal

Daniel Skidmore
Ph.D. Dissertation: Money on the Wing: The Deregulation of Banks and Airlines from a Contingency Perspective

Denise Anthony
Ph.D. Dissertation: Investing In Trust: Building Cooperation and Social Capital In Micro-Credit Borrowing Groups

Ruth Arnold
Ph.D. Dissertation: Constrained Choices: Contingent Work Among Youth and Young Adults During the 1980s and Early 1990s


Sue L. Williams
Ph.D. Dissertation: Gender Regimes and the Prophecy of Place: Micro/Macro Dimensions of Stratification Processes for Young Women

Silke Roth
Ph.D. Dissertation: Political Socialization, Bridging Organization, Social Movement Interaction: The Coalition of Labor Union Women, 1974-1996

Ronit Shemtov
Ph.D. Dissertation: Goal Expansion Among Social Movement Organizations: The Case of Community-Environmental Groups

Alice Pritchard
Ph.D. Dissertation: Sexual Harassment in the American Workplace


Xun Wang
Ph.D. Dissertation: Institutional Environment, Management Systems and Organizational Effectiveness: A Study of Industrial Enterprises in China


Laurie Gordy
Ph.D. Dissertation: Which Side of the Tracks are You on?:  The Politics of Tracking in an American Secondary School

Su Epstein
Ph.D. Dissertation: Characters Amok:  The Representation of Serial Killers in American Films


Mark A. Winton
Ph.D. Dissertation: The Sociology of Science and Male Sexual Dysfunctions

Pamela J. Byrnes
Ph.D. Dissertation: The Massachusetts Universal Health Insurance Law:  A Case Study of Making Health Care Policy

Yiorgos Apostolopoulos
Ph.D. Dissertation: The Perceived Effects of Tourism Industry Development: A Comparison of Two Hellenic Islands


Barbara G. Sosnowitz
Ph.D. Dissertation: The Social Construction of AIDS and the Personalization of Risk

Anthony J. Sommo
Ph.D. Dissertation: Making It Blind:  Institutional Barriers to Life Goals

Sung Ho Ko
Ph.D. Dissertation: Urbanization in the Third World:  South Korea, 1960-1980

Kurt J. Greenland
Ph.D. Dissertation: Workers' Health and Safety in the United States:  The Effects of Economic Segmentation and Social Class

Jennifer Brown
Ph.D. Dissertation: Safer Sex Practices:  Gender, Power and Risk in a College Student Population


James Charles Williams,
Ph.D Dissertation: Socialization Experience and Identity Foreclosure:  An Exploration of the Effects of Role Disengagement on the Personal Adjustment of Former College Athletes

Wayne Luther Thompson
Ph.D Dissertation: The Ecology of Membership Change in Presbyterian Congregations, 1970-1988

Patrick Hynes
Ph.D. Dissertation: The Corporate Control of Psychiatry:  The Emergence and Dynamics of Psychiatric Concurrent Review


Seong Y. Shin
Ph.D. Dissertation: An Analysis of Person-Environment Interaction in Elderly Migration Streams to and within the Northeast: 1975-1980

Elaine J. Hall
Ph.D. Dissertation: Waiting on Tables:  Gender Integration in a Service Occupation

Judith Fifield
Ph.D. Dissertation: Gender, Class and the Illness Experience of Rheumatoid Arthritis

Suphot Dendoung
Ph.D. Dissertation: Malaria Control Programs and Community Participation in Four Contrasting Thai Communities

Eleni G. Apospori-Sografos
Ph.D. Dissertation: The Roles of Perceived Severity of Legal Sanctions, Perceived Legitimacy of Criminal Justice System, and Differential Experience of Legal Sanctions on Deterrence


Angwara D. Kiwara
Ph.D. Dissertation: Workers' Health and Safety in Kenya and Tanzania

Mark D. Hardt
Ph.D. Dissertation: Relative Population Change in Nonmetropolitan Counties, 1970-1980 and 1980-1985


Robert R. Weaver
Ph.D. Dissertation: The Diffusion of Decision Support Technology in Medicine

Sylvie Carole Tourigny
Ph.D. Dissertation: Remission or Death:  The Social Psychology of Stress and Coping in Epithelial Ovarian Carcinoma Patients


Timothy Frederick Morse
Ph.D. Dissertation: Dying to Know:  Workers' Struggle to Get Information on Toxic Chemicals

Richard Joseph Jacobsen
Ph.D. Dissertation: Primary Care and the Urban Poor:  A Case Study of Organization-Environment Relations


Sharyn Leanne Roach
Ph.D. Dissertation: The Recruitment of Men and Women Lawyers to In-House Legal Departments:  The Interplay of Environmental, Organizational, and Individual Properties

Randi Lynn Miller
Ph.D. Dissertation: The Impact of Voluntary Busing on the Desegregation Experiences of Minority Students in Five Connecticut Suburban Communities

Catherine Alice McDonald
Ph.D. Dissertation: Establishment of Alternative Health Organizations

Vanetta-Marie D’Andrea
Ph.D. Dissertation: The Women of Survivance:  A Case Study of Ethnic Persistence Among the Members of Franco-American Women's Groups in New England, 1950-Present

Valerie Jean carter
Ph.D. Dissertation: New Technology and Relations of Control in Clerical Work:  The Impact of Office Automation on the Clerical Labor Process


William Norman Singleton
Ph.D. Dissertation: Talcott Parsons' Theory of Scientific Development and Talcott Parsons' Theoretical Productions

Mark Albert Mesler
Ph.D. Dissertation: Negotiated Order and the Clinical Pharmacist

William P. Anderson Jr.
Ph.D. Dissertation: Intersecting Cultures in Mass Society:  National, Regional, and Local Hegemony in Southern and Regional Cities, 1950-1980

Akwasi Aidoo
Ph.D. Dissertation: Social Class, the State, and Medical Decolonization in Ghana: in the Political Economy of Health Care


Harold Sadowy
Ph.D. Dissertation: Physician Pricing:  Theory and Practice, A Comprehensive Topic Overview and In-depth Analysis of a Local Market

Ruth Lyn Riedel
Ph.D. Dissertation: Survival of the Fittest:  The Process and Politics of Evaluating Medical Practice

Kathleen Mary Carroll
Ph.D. Dissertation: Women in the Contemporary American Mystery Novel:  A Study in the Sociology of Literature


Stuart Allen Wright
Ph.D. Dissertation: A Sociological Study of Defection from Controversial New Religious Movements

Kathleen Driscoll (Laszio)
Ph.D. Dissertation: The Emergence of Social Structure in a Modern Dance Company:  A Case Study

Lois Marie Dagle
Ph.D. Dissertation: The Healthy Deviant:  Personal Identity, Interpersonal Communication, and the Variable Impact of Labeling


John Neyland Wright
Ph.D. Dissertation: Fear of Crime:  Determinants and Consequences

Sharla Patrice-Logan Rausch
Ph.D. Dissertation: Perception of Sanctions, Informal Controls and Deterrence

Julia W. Miller
Ph.D. Dissertation: Social Factors Affecting Coronary Heart Disease Mortality

Beatrice Esther Manning
Ph.D. Dissertation: Nurses on Strike:  A Case Study

Roland E. Holstead
Ph.D. Dissertation: The Differential Responses of Protestant Church Policies to Racial Change in an Urban Area

Rochelle C. Feldman
Ph.D. Dissertation: The Institutionalization of the Women's Movement in American Higher Education


Christine Noelle Witzel
Ph.D. Dissertation: Nurse Practitioners and Patient-Oriented Care:  The Impact of Setting, Role, and Practitioner

Joseph F. Mulhall
Ph.D. Dissertation: The Apprenticeship of the Handicapped:  An Interactional Analysis of the Disruption and Reconstitution of the Social Careers of Physically Disabled Persons

Alan R. Lopez
Ph.D. Dissertation: Reality Construction and Transformation in an Eastern Mystical Cult: A Sociological Study

Norman Lifton
Ph.D. Dissertation: Saintliness and Deviance:  The Catholic Worker Movement

Sylvia Kenig
Ph.D. Dissertation: Limits on Theory:  A Case Study of the Relationships of Market and State to Theory in the Community Mental Health Movement

Lois Haignere
Ph.D. Dissertation: Admission of Women to Medical Schools:  A Study of Organizational Response to Movement and Public Policy Pressures

Richard Hector Guerrette
Ph.D. Dissertation: The Emmanuel Servant Community:  A Case Study of a Social Movement Organization

Jay Lance Gould
Ph.D. Dissertation: Consumer Influence in Health Planning:  The Effects of Health Experiences and Personal Characteristics


Susan Spiggle
Ph.D. Dissertation: The Emergence of a Social Movement:  Nineteenth Century Women's Rights

Stephen Sharkey
Ph.D. Dissertation: Art into Society:  The Case of Italian Futurism

Jesus N. Samper-Ahumada
Ph.D. Dissertation: The Ecological Complex and Service Sector Growth:  The Case of Non-Metropolitan Counties in the Northeastern United States, 1950-70

Robert A. Lowe
Ph.D. Dissertation: Responding to Non-Conformity:  The Influence of Social and Situational Factors on Observers' Reactions

Frances A. Boudreau (Newman)
Ph.D. Dissertation: Selves and Significant Others:  A Study of Women Who "Drop Back In.”


Richard A. Lusky, 1979
Ph.D. Dissertation: Ideological and Interest Group Barriers to Comprehensive Rehabilitation for the Physically Disabled:  A Regional Investigation

Lawrence A. Lovell-Troy
Ph.D. Dissertation: Kinship Structure and Economic Organization Among Ethnic Groups:  Greek Immigrants in the Pizza Business

Randolph Lamkin Jr.
Ph.D. Dissertation: A Multivariate Analysis of Social and Psychological Precursors of the Coronary-Prone Behavior Patter

Nora Ganim (now Barnes)
Ph.D. Dissertation: Isolation, Powerlessness, and Fraud:  The Plight of the Elderly Consumer

David K. Carboni
Ph.D. Dissertation: Occupational Specialization Movements:  The Case of Geriatric Medicine in the U.S.A. and Great Britain


Michele Wilson
Ph.D. Dissertation: Folk Crime:  Patterns of Accommodation between Law Enforcers and Law Violators

Robert P. Weber
Ph.D. Dissertation: The Dynamics of Value Change, Transformations, and Cycles:  British Speeches from the throne, 1689-1972

Ursula G. Dibble
Ph.D. Dissertation: Socially Sheared Deprivation, Participation in Non-Violent Protest and the Approval of Violence:  The Experience of American Blacks During the Nineteen Sixties

Rosalyn P. Darling
Ph.D. Dissertation: Parents, Pediatricians, and Societal Relations to Congenitally Handicapped Children:  A Career Study of Conflicting Definitions of the Situation


John P. Roche
Ph.D. Dissertation: Ethnic Attitudes and Ethnic Behavior:  Italian Americans in Two Rhode Island Suburban Communities

Bruce London
Ph.D. Dissertation: Metropolis and Nation:  An Ecological Analysis of Primate City-Hinterland Relationships in Thailand

William G. Flanagan
Ph.D. Dissertation: The Extended Family as an Agent in Urbanization:  A Survey of Men and Women Working in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania


Thomas S. Weinberg
Ph.D. Dissertation: Becoming Homosexual:  Self-Discovery, Self-Identity, and Self-Maintenance

Steven J. Stack
Ph.D. Dissertation: Inequality in Industrial Society:  Income Distribution in Capitalist and Socialist Nations

John A. Pandiani
Ph.D. Dissertation: Social Roles, Social Norms, and Driving Behavior

Joseph M. Holtzman
Ph.D. Dissertation: Regional Planning and Coordinating Structures in Health Care: A Sociological Analysis

Francis J. Hearn
Ph.D. Dissertation: Domination and Legitimation in Industrial Capitalism:  The Incorporation of the English Working Class and the Historical Roots of One-Dimensionality

Joseph R. Fernandez
Ph.D. Dissertation: Conscription in the Civil War and World War I:  The Rejection and Acceptance of Authority

Joseph W. Debolt
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