Month: December 2020

David Weakliem: Article in “The Washington Post”

Read Professor David Weakliem’s recent article in The Washington Post , “Yes, ‘elites’ support coronavirus restrictions. So do working-class Americans.” ***Excerpt from the Article*** Actual surveys — either recently or earlier in the pandemic — don’t reveal the class divide that some pundits believe is self-evident. Compared with previous Republican candidates, Trump did relatively well among […]

Laura Bunyan: “Modern Day Mary Poppins” Publishes Dec. 15

Congratulations to Assistant Professor in Residence, Laura Bunyan, whose new book Modern Day Mary Poppins: The Unintended Consequences of Nanny Work publishes December 15th. Through the use of in-depth qualitative interviews, Modern Day Mary Poppins: The Unintended Consequences of Nanny Work examines the experiences of and relationships between nannies and their employers. Laura Bunyan uncovers the […]

Laura Mauldin: Research During Covid

Read Assistant Professor Laura Mauldin’s two post series in Scatterplot, the Sociology blog, on doing qualitative research during COVID19. Post 1: Taking Care of Each Other “During COVID19, qualitative researchers are having to improvise and use all kinds of new strategies for doing fieldwork. I’ll focus on some of mechanics of these strategies in part […]