Author: Russell, Cal

Phoebe Godfrey: Reflections on COPD 2022

This November, Professor in Residence Phoebe Godfrey attended the second week of the 27th Conference of the Parties (COP), of the UNFCCC (United Nations Frame-work Convention on Climate Change). COP27 took place in Sharm el-Sheikh from November 6th to November 18th. Professor Godfrey was joined by fourteen current UConn students as well as a number of other faculty.

As I maneuvered my way around the COP, a circus of frantic human activity, I celebrated the unique opportunity to hear from those whose voices and stories have historically been silenced through violence and genocide. At the same time, I recognized that for most of the people there from our culture, even as they are no doubt highly concerned about the climate crisis, their solutions still reside in the existing system. These "solutions" that the Indigenous chief and many others refer to as "false solutions" are ones that focus on innovative technologies, such as so-called "green energy" or "carbon  markets," both of which continue to "put a price on nature," as opposed to confronting capitalism's mandate to grow and increase profit exponentially regardless of the social and environmental consequences.

C.A.L.M. Workshop: Leadership in Nonviolent Activism

The C.A.L.M workshop was organized by five students who are all doing an Independent Study course focused on Environmental Justice Leadership (EJL).  This course requires students meet once a week with Dr. Phoebe Godfrey to discuss, plan and develop EJL practices for themselves and to share with others. Students have focused on Mental Health, Mindfulness, Non-Violent Activism, Environmental Justice and how to address these issues in a workshop format.  As part of this work, they have learned from a veteran non-violent activism trainer and from there they developed, organized, promoted and offered the C.A.L.M workshop.  Fifteen students attended on November 2nd and the five EJL students co-led the workshop, along with additional input from the non-violent activism trainer, Joanne Sheehan.  In the near future the five EJL students will offer another workshop in a Social Theory class inviting those 40 students to link social theories with ‘social practice’.  


CONCLUDED EVENT: C.A.L.M. workshop - leadership in nonviolent activism with accomplished activist Joanne Sheehan. November 2nd, 2022.

Fierberg Scholar Dreams of Being an Advocate for the Voiceless

Check out this article in UConn Today on Faridah Kisekka-Sessanga, a Master’ student in the UConn School of Social Work and one of two recipients of the 2022 Janet M. Fierberg Scholarship. This scholarship was endowed by I. Martin Fierberg and Janet M. Fierberg, an alumna of UConn who studied Sociology and had careers in Social Work. The Fierberg Scholarship has helped Faridah Kisekka-Sessanga cover the cost of books as well as childcare for her four children, ages 5, 9, 14, and 15.

Please join us in congratulating Faridah Kisekka-Sessanga on her incredible accomplishment!