Month: June 2020

Noel Cazenave Receives Faculty Excellence in Research Award

Congratulations to Noel Cazenave, recipient of the Faculty Excellence in Research and Creativity-Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences Award! The Faculty Excellence in Research and Creativity Awards are given to individual faculty who have made significant and or creative contributions to a field of knowledge or area of inquiry. These awards recognize research excellence and the […]

Laura Mauldin: Disability as an Axis of Inequality

Laura Mauldin was the lead author on Disability as an Axis of Inequality: A Pandemic Illustration (Disability in Society) as part of the ASA Footnotes special issue on COVID19. “In summary, based on their social position and taken-for-granted ideologies that they are disposable and less worthy, disabled people are at increased risk for exposure to the virus […]

2020 Wood/Raith Gender Identity Living Trust Summer Fellowship Winners

Congratulations to Asmita Aasavari, Koyel Khan, and Kylar Schaad, recipients of the 2020 Wood/Raith Gender Indentity Summer Fellowship! The Wood/Raith Living Trust is named for Audrey Wood (UCONN class of ‘47) and Edeltraut Raith. Both Wood and Raith earned their Masters in Library Science from the University of Southern California and spent their careers as […]

Noel Cazenave: Interview on “Dear No One” with Marceen Burgher

Host, Marceen Burgher has open dialogue with her guests on Indignation, Necropolitics and The Racial State. With special guest, Dr. Noel Cazenave, author of Killing African Americans: Police and Vigilante Violence as a Racial Control Mechanism and Professor at University of Connecticut. He discusses his book and the current racial climate surrounding deaths of George Floyd and others. Also on the Podcast […]

In Solidarity and Struggle for Social and Racial Justice

Even as we were grappling with the systemic racism laid bare by the COVID pandemic in the disproportionate loss of life in African American, Latinx, and Indigenous communities and the targeting of Asian American communities, we are confronted by the more brutal expression of this enduring racism. These include four police officers murdering George Floyd, two white men killing of Ahmaud Arbery as he […]

Noel Cazenave’s Commentary on Vigilante Attacks in Philadelphia

Read Noel Cazenave’s commentary on vigilante attacks on Black Lives Matter activists in Philadelphia published in The Guardian, “The armed white men who terrorized Philadelphia’s Black Lives Matter supporters.” “‘I am absolutely not surprised this happened,’ said Noel Cazenave, a sociologist at the University of Connecticut and author of Killing African Americans: Police and Vigilante […]