Sociology Advising

General Information:

All students who are interested in Sociology or are currently majoring or minoring in Sociology are welcome to meet with our undergraduate academic advisor, Kathryn Upson.

New majors on the Storrs campus are initially assigned to Kathryn Upson. Students are then reassigned to a faculty advisor. Honors students are assigned to the Honors Advisor. If you are unsure who your advisor is, log into your Student Admin account and follow these instructions.

To meet with Ms. Upson, please schedule an appointment through Nexus. If no times are available, please email her at

To meet with your faculty advisor, please email them to arrange a mutually convenient time.

What can the Undergraduate Academic Advisor and my faculty advisor help me with?

  • Assistance with course selection.
  • Reviewing general education, major, and other graduation requirements. Making a plan for graduation.
  • Discussing potential double majors or minors (however, specific info for that other major/minor will need to come from that department).
  • Advisor signature on forms (ex: schedule revision, double major, additional degree, independent study, etc.).
  • Discussing options for earning internship credit.
  • Ways to be successful academically, especially if you are on academic probation.
  • Referrals to other resources on campus.

What additional things can my faculty advisor help me with?

  • Exploring the major and types of careers in Sociology (mentoring for academic and career goals).
  • Discussing graduate school options and the application process.
  • Brainstorming on ways to get involved in research on campus.
  • Potentially being a source for a letter of recommendation if you make a point of getting to know them and possibly also take a class with them.

Does Sociology use advising holds?

No, in general we do not use advising holds. The exception is for students who are new to Sociology at the Storrs campus (first semester and transfer students, major changers, and campus changers). However, all students are welcome and encouraged to meet with an advisor at any time for help with course selection or any other questions.