Sociology Career Milestones


Mary Bernstein has been appointed Associate Dean of The Graduate School at UConn. Congratulations Mary!

A special congratulations to Bandana Purkayastha who has had an amazing year of accompishments! Firstly, Bandana was named the New CLAS Associate Dean.

Additionally, Bandana has been selected as Board of Trustees Distinguished Professor, the highest honor that the University bestows on faculty. The award lauded her research on inequalities and social transformation, migrants and migration, gender, and human rights as well as her engagement with the World Health Organization and United Nations offices and commitment to curriculum development and teaching. She joins Nancy Naples as one of the department’s two Board of Trustees Distinguished Professors.

Finally, Bandana was elected to be the new Vice President for the International Sociological Association. 

Job Placements

Zoe Folsom was hired as a Public Affairs Associate for Encore Renewable Energy.

Ordoitz Galilea landed a position as assistant professor of sociology at Susquehana University.

Kristen Kirksey  was hired as the Program Manager with the Institute for Health and Aging at the University of California, San Francisco. Kristin will be managing a multi-year project on women and reproductive health in Kenya, Ethiopia, and the U.S.

Kate Ragon was appointed as a Visiting Assistant Professor at Augustana College.

Nabil Tueme was appointed as a Senior Research Associate at Springtide Research Institute.

PhD’s Awarded

Nabil Tueme – 11/17/2022– (Braunstein) Latino Youth Activism: Reconceptualizing Risk in Social Movement Theory

Kristin Kirksey – 4/3/2023– (Holzer) Global Priorities and Local Realities: The Implementation of Global Health and Development Policy in Ethiopia.

Ordoitz Galilea – 5/10/23– (Deener) What it Takes to Throw a Party: Community Frames of Meaning, Identity and Contestation in the Festival of San Fermín

MA’s Awarded

Dunahay Pereyra – 9/30/22– (Naples) From Feeling Sick to Being Ill: How Young Women Experience Chronic Illness

Junlan Ren – 9/30/22– (Showers/Talbert) English Proficiency and Ethnic Disparities in Health among U.S. Asian Men and Women

Sujin Rhim – 9/30/22– (Naples) The Paradox of Diversity: A Case Study of Diversity Organization and Operation in Higher Education

Yi Lan – 10/10/22– (Cheng) Do Attitudes Matter? Parental Influences on Children’s Outcome in China

Davina Barbee –10/19/22 – (Naples) Transing the Medical Gaze: Experiences of Transgender Patients in the Medical Institution

Cailey Hauver – 4/17/23 – (Naples) Fostering White Ignorance: An Analysis of White Settler Colonialism as Represented in Elementary School U.S. History Textbooks

Zoe Folsom – 5/7/23 – (Deener)

Dissertation Proposals

Rianka Roy 2/13/23
Marcus Garcia 10/3/22