Sociology Author Spotlight

This year our department produced an impressive number of publications. Check out some of the contributions that made their way into some very prestigious outlets! 

Christin Munsch’s research identifying gender, racial and ethnic inequalities built into the Big Data demographic ascription tools that academics and companies draw on to understand the social world published in Nature Human Behavior.

Jane Pryma’s research on how and why opioids emerged as the “right tool for the job” of pain relief in the 1980s and 1990s published in the flagship sociology journal, American Sociology Review.

Ruth Braunstein’s research on backlash against the Religious Right and the consequences for religious identification and radicalization within the Religious Right itself published in the top specialty journal, Sociology of Religion.

Simon Cheng’s research on the unintended negative consequences of intensive parental involvement for child development in elementary school published in a top generalist journal, Social Forces.