From Crisis to Catastrophe: Care, COVID, and Pathways to Change

Kim Price-Glynn, Editor

The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken the material and social foundations of the world more than any event in recent history and has highlighted and exacerbated a longstanding crisis of care. While these challenges may be freshly visible to the public, they are not new. Over the last three decades, a growing body of care scholarship has documented the inadequacy of the social organization of care around the world, and the effect of the devaluation of care on workers, families, and communities. In this volume, a diverse group of care scholars bring their expertise to bear on this recent crisis. In doing so, they consider the ways in which the existing social organization of care in different countries around the globe amplified or mitigated the impact of COVID-19. They also explore the impact of the global pandemic on the conditions of care and  its role in exacerbating deeply rooted gender, race, migration, disability, and other forms of inequality.

Book cover for "From Crisis to Catastrophe: Care, COVID, and Pathways to Change" by Kim Price-Glynn