C.A.L.M. Workshop: Leadership in Nonviolent Activism

The C.A.L.M workshop was organized by five students who are all doing an Independent Study course focused on Environmental Justice Leadership (EJL).  This course requires students meet once a week with Dr. Phoebe Godfrey to discuss, plan and develop EJL practices for themselves and to share with others. Students have focused on Mental Health, Mindfulness, Non-Violent Activism, Environmental Justice and how to address these issues in a workshop format.  As part of this work, they have learned from a veteran non-violent activism trainer and from there they developed, organized, promoted and offered the C.A.L.M workshop.  Fifteen students attended on November 2nd and the five EJL students co-led the workshop, along with additional input from the non-violent activism trainer, Joanne Sheehan.  In the near future the five EJL students will offer another workshop in a Social Theory class inviting those 40 students to link social theories with ‘social practice’.  


CONCLUDED EVENT: C.A.L.M. workshop - leadership in nonviolent activism with accomplished activist Joanne Sheehan. November 2nd, 2022.

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