David Embrick: What is Critical Race Theory–And Why is it Important to Understand?

Lorna Grisby's article in Reader's Digest, "What is Critical Race Theory--and Why is it Important to Understand?," asks experts to define the concept of Critical Race Theory and explain its real-world implications. Among those experts is David Embrick, Associate Professor of Sociology and Africana Studies. Check out an excerpt from the article below.


Racism is built into our systems and exists regardless of how well or how poorly individual people within those systems act. “There is a centrality of racism,” says David G. Embrick, PhD, an associate professor of sociology and African studies at the University of Connecticut. “It’s not based on the actions of individuals. Take those few bad apples out and the racist policies and practices will continue, because of how they’re embedded within our legal structure, our educational structure, and the workplace.”

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