Nabil Tueme: “All in the Family”

Congratulations to Sociology graduate student Nabil Tueme on her recent article in Sociology Compass, "All in the Family: The Role of Family Networks, Collective Action Frames, and Identity in Latino Movement Participation." The article discusses the importance of family for Latino communities.


***Excerpt from Article***

In this article, I review the literature on the role of the family in influencing Latino's participation in political activism. In doing so, I follow Pallares' (2015) view of the family, not just as a social institution, but also as a political construct shaped by immigration policy and migration and incorporation dynamics. Clearly, as suggested above, immigration policies play no small part in the social organization of Latino families living in the United States. I begin by outlining the recent contributions made by two groups of literature on the role of the family in Latinos' political activism: (a) social networks; and (b) collective action frames. I conclude by offering suggestions informed by social movement theory toward the development of a third line of work—identity—which may shed light on how the family can both enable and constrain Latino movement participation.