Phoebe Godfrey: Contributing Author to “The Immigrant Food Nexus”

The Open Access edition of The Immigrant-Food Nexus: Borders, Labor and Identity in North America is now available at:

Phoebe Godfrey contributed a chapter on CLiCK, a non-profit, multi-cultural, multi-service kitchen connecting farmers, chefs, and food-lovers. Their producers buy local ingredients, support local farms, and help to grow our local economy—right here in Windham County.

This volume considers the intersection of food and immigration at both the macroscale of national policy and the microscale of immigrant foodways—the intimate, daily performances of identity, culture, and community through food. Taken together, the chapters—which range from an account of the militarization of the agricultural borderlands of Yuma, Arizona, to a case study of Food Policy Council in Vancouver, Canada—demonstrate not only that we cannot talk about immigration without talking about food but also that we cannot talk about food without talking about immigration.

The book investigates these questions through the construct of the immigrant-food nexus, which encompasses the constantly shifting relationships of food systems, immigration policy, and immigrant foodways. The contributors, many of whom are members of the immigrant communities they study, write from a range of disciplines. Three guiding themes organize the chapters: borders—cultural, physical, and geopolitical; labor, connecting agribusiness and immigrant lived experience; and identity narratives and politics, from “local food” to “dietary acculturation.”


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