2019 Provost’s Award

Carol Ann Jackson 20'

Department of Sociology 

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Carol Ann Jackson is currently a graduate student at the Department of Sociology. Her primary research interests are race, gender and urban education. More specifically, examining processes of racialization, gendering, and social mobility in relation to the social marginalization and criminalization of youth in urban educational settings.


Congratulations to Carol Ann Jackson on her achievements in Community engagement!

Community Engaged Scholarship is defined as the collaborative and mutually-beneficial creative exchange of knowledge and resources between the University and the community to create conditions for the public good, culminating in sustainable change, and the dissemination of those activities

During her time here at Uconn, Carol Ann Jackson demonstrated academic, intellectual and professional development, sustained leadership responsibilities that have progressively increased over time. Most importantly, she presented innovative ways of working for the well-being of citizens and communities.