From April 4th through 5th:

The University of Connecticut Department of Public Policy is proud to present, in partnership with Connecticut’s public sector and nonprofit associations, Correlates, Causes and Solutions for Firearm Violence in America. The goal of the conference is to address three themes:

  1. Community and Social Movement Organizing: How do activists understand the causes of and solutions to gun violence? What are the different approaches that activists take and how does their social location (e.g., urban/suburban; survivors) influence their strategies? What explains the approaches activists take in seeking institutional, cultural, and political change designed to reduce gun violence?
  2. Community-Level Factors in Gun Violence: For example, how does income inequality relate to firearm violence? Do communities with higher gun ownership rates have higher firearm casualties? How do individual-level factors combine with community-level factors to influence gun violence?
  3. Policies and Prevention Strategies: The evaluation of public policies or other prevention strategies aimed at reducing the number of gun injuries in the United States. This might include gun injuries, gun homicides, and/ or gun-related suicides.

For more information regarding the conference please click here for the conference website.

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