As the Leaves Turn Gold: Asian Americans and Experiences of Aging

Bandana Purkayastha, Author

As the Leaves Turn Gold examines the challenges and opportunities around aging for Asian American women and men in the United States. The book looks at a range of Asian Americans—affluent and poor, third-generation natives and recent immigrants, political exiles and recent migrants, people who immigrated early in life and those who immigrated late in life—and features interview excerpts that bring these issues to life.

The book shows how the life courses of individuals, including discrimination they may have faced in earlier years, can shape their golden years. As they grow older, Asian Americans continue to struggle to fit into American society—this is true even of those who are highly educated, relatively affluent, and have lived and worked with non-Asian Americans for most of their lives. As the Leaves Turn Gold discusses not only the challenges older Asian Americans face, such as lack of adequate support services, but also local and transnational solutions. As the Leaves Turn Gold is an important examination of aging, immigration, and social inequality.

As the Leaves Turn Gold Book Cover