Michael L. Rosino


Name: Michael L. Rosino
Research Interests: My research centers racial politics in parties; power; public debates; mass media; collective action; and social interactions. My work has appeared in Social Currents, Sociology of Race and Ethnicity, Ethnic and Racial Studies, and Deviant Behavior. My dissertation examines how progressive grassroots political activists in the Northeast engage with racial and political inequality through their identities, habits, and political strategies. It is a multisite ethnographic case study concurrent with the 2016 election. The project sheds light on possibilities and barriers for equitable and inclusive forms of grassroots democracy and advances new understandings of racial politics grounded in everyday social life. Additionally, my first book, Debating the Drug War: Race, Politics, and the Media, is forthcoming with Routledge Press. It investigates mass and digital media in the debate over drug policy and demonstrates the influence of political ideologies and identities, the omission of racial justice concerns, the use of implicit racial meanings, and identity construction through racial discourse. 
Dissertation: Democracy is Awkward: Grassroots Progressive Politics and Racial Inequality
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