Lauren Danielowski

Entry Cohort: Fall 2022 | she/her/hers


M.A. Sociology, The George Washington University

B.A. Sociology, The George Washington University


Research Interests

gender, reproductive health, human rights, comparative sociology, political sociology,  public sociology, qualitative methods


Current Research

My MA thesis was a content analysis of media discourses surrounding racial disparities in rates of maternal mortality in the United States. Using a sample of digital news articles from 7 news outlets from 2010-2019, I examined how systemic racism was identified as a root cause of disparities in maternal mortality as well as explored how public health issues like maternal health are framed as political issues in mainstream US news media. Currently, I am continuing to work on this project, collecting additional data from 2020-present to examine how the COVID-19 pandemic has shaped media discourses around maternal health.

My dissertation will broadly focus on relevant issues in reproductive health through a human rights framework using qualitative methods.


Major Advisor

Manisha Desai



Mary Bernstein, Nancy Naples

Lauren Danielowski
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