Ingrid Semaan

Associate Professor in Residence


Ingrid Semaan is a committed feminist activist who has worked on campaigns against gendered violence and for reproductive justice, workers’ rights, and peace and justice in the Middle East.

In the summer of 2020, Ingrid participated in co-creating the curriculum for The People’s Saturday School, an abolitionist popular education program.

Ingrid received her Ph.D. in Sociology in 2006 from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst. Her dissertation, “Beyond Staying and Leaving: Battered Women’s Responses to Abuse,” is a qualitative study of the ways battered women respond to abuse, with an emphasis on the ways that they resist abuse.

Selected Publications:

Semaan, Ingrid, Jana L. Jasinski, and Anne Bubriski-McKenzie.  2013.  “Subjection, Subjectivity, and Agency:  The Power, Meaning, and Practice of Mothering Among Women Experiencing Intimate Partner Abuse.”  Violence Against Women. 19(1): 69-88.

Semaan, Ingrid.  2011.  “The Fling.”  Women’s Studies Quarterly. 39(3): 53-65

Bubriski, Anne and Ingrid Semaan.  2009.  “Activist Learning vs. Service Learning in a Women’s Studies Classroom.”  Human Architecture.  7(3): 91-98.


Honoree at Franklin Street Works’ annual gala. Theme: “Intersections: Celebrating Feminist Voices,” 2018

Stamford Campus Faculty Recognition Award, 2016

Stamford Campus Faculty Member of the Year, 2013-14

Outstanding Office/Department, 2012-13, awarded by The Rainbow Center

Student Group Faculty Advisor of the Year, 2010-11

Award for Excellence in Program Development presented by The Coalition of Women’s Studies in Connecticut and Rhode Island and the Women’s Studies Program at SCSU, 2008

Student Group Faculty Advisor of the Year, 2006-07

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