David L. Weakliem

Professor Emeritus of Sociology

PhD., 1987, University of Wisconsin
M.S., 1983, University of Wisconsin
B.A., 1981, Harvard University



I came to UConn in 1994 after teaching at Cornell University (1987-91) and Indiana University (1991-4), and have been here ever since, except for a year at the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences in 1996-7. Since 2012, I have been the editor of Comparative Sociology (see the CoSo Facebook page).

I am interested in political sociology (especially public opinion), social stratification, and quantitative methods.  My latest book, Public Opinion (Polity), was published in 2020.    Hypothesis Testing and Model Selection in the Social Sciences (Guilford), which examines classical and Bayesian approaches to hypothesis testing, as well as “information criteria” for trading off goodness of fit versus complexity, was published in 2016.  More information about my interests can be found on my blog, “Just the Social Facts, Ma’am.”.


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