Adane Zawdu

M.A., 2010, Sociology, Tel Aviv University
B.A., 2007, Sociology and Philosophy, Tel Aviv University

Research Interests:

Culture; Micro-Sociology; Qualitative Methods; Ethnicity/Race; Migration

In my dissertation project, I explore how ethnic groupness get sustained through a set of patterned routine interactions and rituals. My work is based on 21 months of ethnography in Israel and 100 interviews among first and second generation immigrants from Ethiopia. Building on insights from micro-sociology, I address the relations between the patterned ways in which everyday routine interactions get accomplished in practice, the structuring of individual’s moral commitment to ethnic grouping, and the salient of ethnic groupings across situations.

Adane Zawdu received a Menachem Begin Post-Doctoral Fellowship from the Israeli Ministry Of Science & Technology. He will be spending the year in the department of sociology and anthropology at Ben Gurion University.  

Photo of Adane Zawdu
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