Marysol Asencio

Oak Leaf BlueProfessor, Sociology
(Dr.P.H., Columbia University)
Tel : 860-486-4177

Area of Speciality:

Latina/os, Gender, Sexualities, Sexual and Reproductive Health, Race, Im(migration), Social and Health Inequalities, and Qualitative Research Methods.

Biographical Note:

Dr. Marysol Asencio is a Professor of Sociology and Puerto Rican and Latina/o Studies at UConn. Prior to joining the faculty of the University of Connecticut, she was a faculty member and co-Director of the Health Promotion Disease Prevention track at the Columbia School of Public Health. She has been involved professionally in Latina/o sexuality and reproductive issues as a researcher, teacher, and community educator/advocate for the last 20 years. Her research and community activities have been primarily with Caribbean populations in the Northeast but particularly among Puerto Ricans residing in New York City and Connecticut. She has served on several national boards and executive committees and has been the recipient of several awards and distinctions. She was a 2003 Social Science Research Council (SSRC)-Sexuality Research Fellow. She was also a recipient of a two-year grant Ford Foundation grant for a project on accessing the state of Latina/o sexualities research in the United States. Over the last 15 years, she has received several research and training/programmatic grants to understand and serve the needs of minority populations in the United States. She is currently working on a book manuscript and articles based on her current research on Puerto Rican Migration and Sexualities.