Waitlists & Permission Numbers

Useful information regarding SOCI waitlists & permission numbers:

  • The Sociology Department uses the waitlist feature in Student Admin.
  • If you are unable to enroll in a SOCI class because it is full or the open seats are reserved for others, you can put yourself on the Student Admin waitlist for the class as long as you have met the prerequisites.
  • As a first step, please be sure to add your name to the waitlist in Student Admin. Then if you have questions, you may contact the person who handles the waitlist:
    • Kathy Covey handles the waitlists for SOCI 3201, 3211Q, and 3251.
    • Waitlists for all other SOCI courses are handled by their instructors.
  • Once everyone has had the opportunity to register, we will begin to issue permission numbers to students on the waitlist. As seats open up, we will continue to issue permission numbers to those on the waitlist until the end of the add/drop period at the beginning of the semester.
  • Waitlist priority is not the same as position on the waitlist. Priority is based on major, minor, and class standing. For example, a senior Sociology major would be given the highest priority.
  • You will receive an email if we can issue you a permission number.
  • If a SOCI class does not have a waitlist in Student Admin, then it is first come first served.


Instructions on how to add yourself to a waitlist:

If the course is already in your shopping cart:

  1. Follow these instructions to change preferences to Waitlist if Full (see Step 5).
  2. Then attempt to enroll in the course to be added to the waitlist

If the course is NOT in your shopping cart:

  1. Click on the “Manage Classes” tile on your homepage
  2. Click on “Class Search and Enroll” in the left side panel
  3. Type in the Course Number in the search field
  4. Click anywhere in the box of the course section you want
  5. Click the yellow “Next” button in upper right corner
  6. Change the tab for “Add to Waitlist if Class is Full” to YES
  7. Click the green “Accept” button
  8. Decide if you want to enroll or add to shopping cart
  9. Click “Next”
  10. Click “Submit”
  11. You must attempt to enroll in the course to add to the waitlist. The shopping cart is not the waitlist.


Contact the Registrar’s Office or Kathryn Upson for further help.