Sociology Internship Program


Internships can be useful for students’ understanding of ideas they have learned in Sociology classes and in shaping career interests. The Internship Program in Sociology is offered in fall, spring, and summer.  It allows students to obtain an internship that fits their interests and receive class credit for it.  Previous students have worked with a number of organizations.  In this overview, you can find out the following:

  1. How you may find internship opportunities
  2. How you sign up for the Sociology internship credits
  3. Answers to other frequently asked questions related to the Sociology Internship Program
  1. Finding an Internship

Students find their own internships, and you can do this however you want.  Usually the internship is with an organization, agency, or business.

  • The UConn Internship and Co-op Programs have an extensive list of opportunities. Please visit Center for Career Development.  Some organizations that Sociology students have obtained internship include,
    • Local Sustainability —For an internship in local sustainability, please contact Dr. Phoebe C. Godfrey. Internships include options of working in farm, learning about alternative  healthcare, and / or engaging in social justice / humanitarian work.  
    • Some require the ability to drive. Locations and organizations can vary. For more information, see the pamphlet, which includes the links to various internship websites. Consult Dr. Godfrey about placement.
    • The Executive Officer of Sociologists for Women in Society (SWS).
    • Want to see more? Click here.
  • You can also use an Internet search engine to find opportunities, or by calling the place that you are interested in working with.
  • If you are doing a criminal justice minor, your internship must be in a criminal justice setting such as a police department, law firm, or prison. The State of Connecticut has a criminal justice internship program that you can learn about.  They also have one with the judicial branch.
  1. Signing up

Professor Purkayastha and Professor Godfrey oversee Sociology Internship credits in Fall 2018.  Please contact them to sign up for the internship classes and to obtain permission numbers.  To sign up for the internship class, you actually enroll in two courses:

  • SOCI 3991. Sign up for one credit of this class. This covers the academic component of the internship program. This one credit is graded A-F, and for it you will write a 5-10 paper analyzing your internship from the perspective of a sociological theory. (You will get an assignment at the start of the semester).
  • SOCI 3990. Sign up for between 1 and 6 credits of this class. This is the hourly component of the internship, and for each credit you need to do 42 hours at your internship. The number of credits that you sign up for is up to you. Grading is done S/U. Note: You must specify the number of credits when you register online. If you don’t, it will default to one credit.
  • If, for example, you wanted to get three credits total, you would sign up for 1 credit of 3991 and 2 credits of 3990.
  1. Frequently asked questions


How often do students meet as a class? You don’t. Everything is handled by email, though, of course, you’re welcome to meet with the instructor any time by making an appointment with the professor who oversees your internship classes.


How many credits can I take? Between two and seven


How do I sign up for it? Get permission numbers from the professors who oversee Sociology Internship credits for Soci 3991 and 3990.


How many credits can I apply to a sociology major? 3.  Minor? Still 3


Can I get credit for an internship that I’ve already done? No. You must be enrolled during the internship.