Undergraduate Studies


Sociologists study large social structures such as institutions, social classes, societies, and world systems. We also explore the more localized structures that shape an individual's place and experience in the world, including roles, statuses, and groups. Thus, by majoring in Sociology, students are encouraged to examine how the world works and their place in it. We invite students to investigate how people may challenge, resist, alter, or preserve and protect their social world.  As a department, we hope students will begin to understand major organizing principles that contribute to shaping our social identities, including “race” and ethnicity, class, gender, age, and sexual orientation.

We do not provide a handbook of easy solutions to social problems. Instead, the Sociology Department at UConn teaches students how to ask the difficult questions, to dig beneath the obvious, and to search for the multiple layers of social meaning.

As an undergraduate Sociology major, students will take a series of classes - from introductory sociological topics to more advanced and in-depth seminars. These will challenge students to think critically and engage with a wide range of topics and ideas.

Thinking About Sociology?

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Storrs campus offices are located in Manchester Hall - see the link below for a campus map. Sociology courses are also offered at the Stamford, Hartford, and Waterbury campuses.


Director of Undergraduate Studies

Simon Cheng

Academic Advisor

Kathryn Upson