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Janet M. Fierberg Scholarship

The Janet M. Fierberg Scholarship Fund in Sociology was endowed by I. Martin Fierberg and Janet M. Fierberg, an alumna of UConn who studied Sociology and had a career in social work. Two scholarships of a minimum of $2,000 each will be awarded every year to outstanding students in their junior or senior year at UConn who are planning to pursue graduate study in Social Work or Sociology or first year students in the UConn School of Social Work.

Applicants must be Sociology majors or minors, first year students in the UConn School of Social Work, or students who have applied to and will be accepted into the UConn School Of Social Work. All awards will consider need and future professional promise.

Sociology SHARE Undergraduate – Faculty Matching Program

Beginning in 2017, the Sociology Department piloted a new matching program to link interested Sociology majors with potential faculty mentors to apply for SHARE awards.

The SHARE program supports undergraduate research projects in the social sciences, humanities, and arts. SHARE is designed especially for students in the earlier stages of their college careers as a means of introducing students to research in their chosen field and of developing skills they will need for further research projects. In this research apprenticeship, students spend 10 hours per week during the spring semester working on a faculty project. Ideally, a SHARE partnership will continue past the spring semester, allowing both the faculty mentor and student apprentice to continue the project, potentially leading to a more independent role for the student. During the spring semester, student apprentices will receive a $1,500 stipend and faculty mentors will receive a $500 professional development stipend.  For more details visit the SHARE program website

Undergraduate students are strongly encouraged to contact potential faculty mentors directly, but Sociology majors who need help finding a faculty mentor may email Ms. Covey (katherine.covey@uconn.edu) describing your sociological interests.  In addition, please confirm that you meet the eligibility criteria of SHARE program.


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Please note: All information, awards, and funding sources are subject to availability and may change at any time.