Sociology Major Requirements

Sociology Major Requirements

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Below is an outline of the Sociology major requirements effective the 2018-2019 catalog year. Please contact your faculty advisor or Kathryn Upson with any questions.

Introductory Course:

  • One of the following: 
    • SOCI 1001 – Introduction to Sociology
    • SOCI 1251 – Social Problems
    • SOCI 1501 – Race, Class, and Gender
    • SOCI 1701 – Society in Global Perspective
      SOCI 3201 and 3251 require one of the above as a pre-requisite.

24 Credits of 2000+ level SOCI or cross-listed courses:

  • SOCI 3201 – Research Methods (3 credits)
    • Satisfies the information literacy requirement for the university general education requirement
  • SOCI 3211Q – Quantitative Methods in Social Research (4 credits)      OR      PSYC 2100Q and an additional SOCI 2000+ level course
    • Prerequisites: STAT 1000Q or 1100Q (or instructor consent) and SOCI 3201
    • PSYC 2100Q is accepted as a substitute for Sociology 3211Q.  If you use it as a substitute, you must take one additional 2000+ level course in Sociology.  That is, all sociology majors must have at least 24 Sociology credits at the 2000+ level.
  • SOCI 3251 – Social Theory (3 credits)
  • 5 more courses in Sociology at the 2000+ level, including one W course.
    • These are your choice from the SOCI course offerings.
    • No more than 3 credits of SOCI 3990/3991 (Internship) can count towards the major.


  • Twelve credits of 2000+ level courses in departments other than SOCI and that are not cross-listed with SOCI.
    • See list of pre-approved relateds, which will automatically be counted as related.
    • Your advisor may approve other 2000+ level courses as related on your final plan of study. Note that Student Admin only recognizes courses from the pre-approved list.  Don’t be concerned–your advisor’s approval on the final plan of study is what counts.

Please note:

  • A “C” average or better is required in the 24 credit group for the Sociology major.
  • No pass/fail courses can be used towards the major.
  • Students who entered before 2005-6 have different major requirements.