Kristen Kirksey

Women’s & Gender Studies Special Issue

Check out Wagadu: A Journal of Transnational Women & Gender Studies‘ recent publication titled “Special Issue: Racialization. Spectacle. Liberation v.22.” Edited by graduate student Chriss Sneed, this special issue also includes a book review titled “Review of Melancholia Africana by Nathalie Etoke, Lanham” by graduate student Kristen Kirksey


Kristen Kirksey: A Social History of Racial Disparities in Breastfeeding in the United States

Check out graduate student Kristen Kirksey's article, "A Social History of Racial Disparities in Breastfeeding in the United States," which discusses differences in breastfeeding rates in White women and Black women as well as racial disparities and the impact of public policy and social movements.

Excerpt from abstract:

"I found that the persistent racial disparities were actually comprised of three distinct types of changing racial disparities: (1) increases in racial disparities that derive from improvements for Whites not captured by Blacks (1973–1982); (2) decreases in racial disparities that stem from improvements for Whites captured even more strongly by Blacks (1995–2006); and, (3) leveling off of racial disparities (2006–2015). Placing results of this quantitative analysis within the context of public policy and social movement history, I identify three distinct mechanisms that drive the different trends in racial disparities in breastfeeding. This paper contributes to the literature on motherhood, race, and health a more nuanced understanding of the social historical mechanisms that pattern breastfeeding, and more broadly, racial disparities in health."


Kristen Kirksey: Wood/Raith Gender Identity Living Trust Fellowship

Congratulations to Kristen Kirksey, recipient of the 2021 Wood/Raith Gender Indentity Summer Fellowship!

The Wood/Raith Living Trust is named for Audrey Wood (UCONN class of ‘47) and Edeltraut Raith. Both Wood and Raith earned their Masters in Library Science from the University of Southern California and spent their careers as librarians with the San Francisco Public Library system. They generously gifted the University of Connecticut funds for the study of gender identity under the Wood/Raith Living Trust.