Andrew Deener

Andrew Deener and Christin Munsch: OVPR Scholarship Facilitation Fund

The Office of the Vice President for Research recently announced the Scholarship Facilitation Fund (SFF) The SFF is designed to assist faculty in the initiation, completion, or advancement of research projects, scholarly activities, creative works, or interdisciplinary initiatives that are critical to advancing the faculty member’s scholarship and/or creative works.

We are proud to announce that the following Sociology faculty members were among the winners:


Andrew Deener
Andrew Deener, The Crisis of Climate Change and the Transformation of Literature
Christin Munsch, Masculine Organizational Defaults: Gender Differences in Time and Cognitive Effort

Andrew Deener: “Values of the Food System on Display”

Check out Professor of Sociology Andrew Deener’s recent article in American Sociological Association titled “Values of the Food System on Display.” The article discusses how the recent COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted longstanding issues of food waste and food insecurity in the U.S. food system.


***Excerpt from Article***

“While the coronavirus pandemic put a spotlight on the U.S. food system, the pandemic is not the cause of these problems. In fact, both food waste and food insecurity are normal features of the food system. The USDA estimates that between 30 and 40 percent of the food supply is wasted every year, and food insecurity has remained a constant policy issue for decades without the federal government ever developing comprehensive solutions.”