Students on the Market

Below, you will find snapshots of Sociology graduate students currently on the market. Click on each photo for a full profile and candidate summary.

Research Interests:Social Inequality, Work and Labor Movements, Sociology of Education, Social Movements

Dissertation: “Clean Air and Good Jobs: U.S. Labor and the Struggle for Climate Justice”

Committee: Michael Wallace (chair), Mary Fischer, Brian Obach, Jeremy Pais, Lyle Scruggs

Research Interests: Political Sociology, Feminist & Queer Theories, Theories of the State, Sexualities, Sexual Citizenship, Sex and Gender, Qualitative Research Methods, Race, Class, Gender, Sociological Theory, Feminist and Queer Research Methods, Feminist Science Studies

Dissertation: “State Projects/Daily Life: Negotiating Non-Monogamies”

Committee: Dr. Davita Silfen Glasberg (chair), Dr. Bandana Purkayastha, Dr. Kim Price-Glynn

Research Interests: Comparative Sociology (foci: Global Economy & Politics, Global Inequality & Poverty, Immigration), Sociology of Education (foci: Stratification, School Contexts, Digital Inequality), Sociology of the Family (foci: Life Course, Intergenerational Relationships, Gender, East Asia), Quantitative Methods (foci: Multilevel Models; Categorical Analysis; Methods for Panel and Longitudinal)

Dissertation: “The Inequality of Digital Learning among Middle-School Students between Rich vs. Poor Countries”

Committee: Simon Cheng (chair), Mary J. Fischer, Jeremy Pais, Michael E. Wallace, and David L. Weakliem

Research Interests:Race and Ethnicity, Sociology of the Family, Sociology of Sports, Sex and Gender, Qualitative Research Methodology

Dissertation: “The Paradox of Integration: Whites Entering Race-Based Spaces”

Committee: Matthew W. Hughey (chair), Jeremy Pais, Bandana Purkayastha, Davita Silfen Glasberg