Students on the Market

Below, you will find snapshots of Sociology graduate students currently on the market. Click on each photo for a full profile and candidate summary.

Research Interests: Political Sociology, Feminist & Queer Theories, Theories of the State, Sexualities, Sexual Citizenship, Sex and Gender, Qualitative Research Methods, Race, Class, Gender, Sociological Theory, Feminist and Queer Research Methods, Feminist Science Studies

Dissertation: “State Projects/ Daily Life: Negotiating Non-Monogamies”

Committee: Dr. Davita Silfen Glasberg (Chair), Dr. Bandana Purkayastha, Dr. Kim Price-Glynn

Research Interests: Stratification and Inequality, Immigration and Globalization, Work and Labor Markets, Urban Sociology, Demography, Quantitative Methods, China Studies

Dissertation:  “Inequality Matters in Transitional China: The Hukou System, Class structure, and Stratification Outcomes”

Committee: Dr. Michael E. Wallace (Chair), Dr. Simon Cheng, Dr. Jeremy Pais, Dr. Mary J. Fischer, and Dr. David L. Weakliem

Research Interests:
My research interests lie in social stratification/inequality, sociology of education, neighborhood effect, higher education, and quantitative methods. I study how various social settings (e.g., schools, communities, and families), independently or jointly, influence parental practices and educational outcomes. I explore how those relationships affect intergenerational transmission of advantages/disadvantages across social groups and national contexts from a comparative perspective.

Research Interests:
My research broadly examines race and ethnicity, racism, media, culture, and power. My previous research focused on media discourse and the construction of Puerto Ricans as un-belonging citizens, racial diversity in Netflix television series, and dominant racial ideologies and their relationship to film reviews. My current research projects focus on the relationship between racial identity formation and perceived ethnic competition, racial identities of Puerto Ricans, and racial/national discourses on Puerto Ricans. I was awarded the Giolas-Harriot Fellowship from the University of Connecticut, Jackie McLean Fellowship from the University of Hartford, and the American Sociological Association’s Multicultural Fellowship. My work has appeared in Sociology Compass, Critical Sociology, Sociology of Sport Journal, Ethnic and Racial Studies, and Contexts.