Sociology Major Requirements

Sociology Major Requirements

Below is an outline of the typical requirements for Sociology Majors at University of Connecticut (Students entering CLAS during or after academic year 2005-6). Please see your faculty advisor or Kathy Covey for any questions.


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Introductory Course:

  • One of the following: 
    • SOCI 1001   Introduction to Sociology
    • SOCI 1251    Social Problems
    • SOCI 1501    Race, Class, and Gender
    • SOCI 1701    Society in Global Perspective
      One of the above is a pre-requisite to SOCI 3201 and 3251.

24 Credits of 2000+ level SOCI or cross-listed Courses:

  • SOCI 3251     Social Theory  3 credits
  • SOCI 3201    Research Methods  3 credits
    • Satisfies the information literacy requirement for the university general education requirement
  • SOCI 3211Q  Quantitative Methods in Social Research  4  credits       OR      PSYC 2100Q and additional SOCI 2000+ level course
    • Prerequisites: Stat 1000Q or 1100Q (or instructor consent) and Sociology 3201
    • Satisfies the computer technology requirement for the university general education requirement
    • Psychology 2100Q is accepted as a substitute for Sociology 3211Q.  If you use it as a substitute, you must take one additional 2000+ level course in Sociology.  That is, all sociology majors must have at least 24 Sociology credits at the 2000+ level.
  • At least one course on “Inequality, Diversity and Change” chosen from:

Sociology 2827 Revolutionary Social Movements
Sociology 3221 Sociological Perspectives on Asian American Women
Sociology 3222 Asian Indian Women: Activism & Social Change
Sociology 3421 Class, Power, & Inequality
Sociology 3429 Sociological Perspectives on Poverty
Sociology 3501 Ethnicity & Race
Sociology 3503 Prejudice & Discrimination
Sociology 3505 White Racism
Sociology 3511 American Jewry
Sociology 3601 Sociology of Gender
Sociology 3621 Sociology of Sexualities
Sociology 3701 The Developing World
Sociology 3801 Political Sociology
Sociology 3821 Social Movements & Social Change
Sociology 3825 African Americans & Social Protest
Sociology 3905 Urbanization

  • 4 more courses in Sociology at the 2000+ level.
    • These are your choice from the SOCI course offerings.
    • Additional courses from the Inequality, Diversity, and Change list may be used.
    • At least nine credits must be from courses other than 3990/3991 (Internship).
  • One of the 2000+ level major courses must be a W course.


  • Twelve credits which your SOCI faculty advisor approves as related courses.
    • Must be at the 2000+ level in departments other than sociology and not be cross-listed in Sociology.
    • See list of pre-approved relateds, which will automatically be counted as related.
    • However, you are not limited to those courses; your advisor may approve other courses as related.
    • Peoplesoft only recognizes courses from the pre-approved list as related.   Don’t be concerned–your advisor’s approval on the final plan of study is what counts.


  • “C” average or better in the 24 credits used for sociology major courses
  • No pass/fail courses for major


Please note: Students who entered before 2005-6 have different major requirements.