Sociology at the Stamford Campus

A major or minor in sociology lets you explore some of the most urgent and interesting topics today. Family. Legal and judicial systems. Health and health care. The economy. Media. Power and inequality. Crime. Social change. Religion. Race/class/gender/sexuality. Climate change. Human rights.

The sociology major or minor at UConn is indispensable for professional success across a wide range of careers in social services, counseling, digital media and design, public relations, education and teaching, human resource management, marketing, health care, government, law, public policy, community work, the non-profit sector, publishing, journalism, city and regional planning, and more.

Sociology Majors or Minors learn:

  • how social context shapes human behavior
  • skills in real-world problem solving
  • cultural competence necessary for effective communication in multi-cultural and diverse contexts
  • a deep understanding of social theory, empirical research, and methods

Sociology Major or Minor Requirements

6 courses (18 credits), including 4 electives.  You must earn a C or better in each class.

One of the following…

  • SOCI 1001 Introduction to Sociology or 1001W
  • SOCI 1251 Social Problems or 1251W
  • SOCI 1501 Race, Class, and Gender or 1501W
  • SOCI 1701 Society in Global Perspective or 1701W

Notes – All of these meet Gen Ed requirements.

SOCI 3201 and 3251 require one of these courses as a prerequisite

One of the following…

  • SOCI 3201 Methods of Social Research
  • SOCI 3251 Social Theory

*These courses will be offered periodically as remote synchronous classes*

Four of the following…

  • Twelve additional credits (or four classes) in Sociology at the 2000+ level.

2000+ Courses Typically Offered at the Stamford Campus (Others May be Offered)

  • SOCI 2301 Criminology
  • SOCI 2305 Deviant Behavior
  • SOCI 2411 Work and Occupations
  • SOCI 2501 Sociology of Intolerance and Injustice CA 4
  • SOCI 2651 Sociology of the Family CA 4
  • SOCI 2670 Sociology of Religion
  • SOCI 2705E Sociology of Food CA 2 and E
  • SOCI 2830 Class, Power, and Inequality
  • SOCI 3453 Women and Health
  • SOCI 3601 Sociology of Gender CA 4
  • SOCI 3801 Political Sociology
  • SOCI 3821 Social Movements and Social Change