Ordoitz Galilea

M.A., 2013, Sociology, The New School for Social Research
B.A., 2009, Sociology, Universidad Publica de Navarra – Pamplona, Spain

Research Interests:

Culture, Human Rights, Social Stratification and Inequality, Public Discourse, Political Sociology, Religion, Race and Ethnicity, Sexuality and Gender.

My research is closely related to the festival of San Fermín that takes place in my hometown of Pamplona, Spain, every summer. More specifically, I study how cultural symbols and meanings are constructed and displayed publicly, as instruments for collectively defining the world around us and the communities of which we are a part. Themes that intersect with meaning-making in my research include human rights; nationalism and group belonging; localism and universalism; religion and faith; and inequality based on class, race and ethnicity, or gender and sexual identity. I defend multidisciplinarity and multi-methodological approaches, but lean towards qualitative methods like ethnography and discourse analysis in my research.

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