Kenneth Vaughan

Assistant Professor in Residence


University of Texas at San Antonio – BA Sociology, MS Sociology

Baylor University: MA Sociology, Ph.D. Sociology

Research interests: Democracy, sociology of religion, comparative-historical sociology,

global and transnational sociology, social movements


  • Vaughan, Kenneth. Forthcoming. “Religious Moral Communities or Secular Tolerance? Individual, National, and Regional-Level Explanations for Restrictive Refugee Policy Preferences in Europe.” Sociology of Religion.
  • Vaughan, Kenneth. 2020. “Anti-Immigrant Sentiment and Attitudes toward Democracy in Europe.” Journal of Immigrant and Refugee Studies.
  • Wang, Xiuhua and Kenneth Vaughan. 2020. “Religious Involvement, Social/Political Strain and Depression in Contemporary China: How does Religion effect Subjective Well-being Differently in a Regulated Society?” International Journal of Sociology 5:396-418.
  • Vaughan, Kenneth. 2018. “Who Benefits from Consociationalism? Religious Disparities in Lebanon’s Political System.” Religions 9(2).
  •  Andersson, Matthew A. and Kenneth Vaughan. 2017. “Health Returns to Education by Family Socioeconomic Origins: Results from Europe across Multiple Outcomes and Childhood Indicators.” Social Science & Medicine – Population Health 3:411-418.
  • Wang, Xiuhua and Kenneth Vaughan. 2020. “Sociology of Religion in China.” In The SAGE Encyclopedia of Sociology of Religion.
  • Park, Jerry Z. and Kenneth Vaughan. 2018. “Sacred Ethnic Boundaries: Korean American Religions.” Pp. 383-417 in A Companion to Korean American Studies, edited by Shelley Lee and Rachael Joo. Leiden, The Netherlands: Brill.
  • Froese, Paul, Jeremy Uecker, and Kenneth Vaughan. 2017. “Core Values.” Chapter in press release Findings from the Baylor Religion Survey Wave 5: American Values, Mental Health, and Using Technology in the Age of Trump.
  • Park, Jerry Z., W. Matthew Henderson, Kenneth Vaughan, Tricia Bruce, and Stephen Cherry. 2015. “Asian Pacific Islander Catholics in the United States: A Preliminary Report.” http:// upload/Asian-Pacific-Islander-Catholics-in-the-UnitedStates-A-Preliminary-Report.pdf

Dissertation: Religion, Anti-Immigrant Sentiment, and Attitudes toward Democracy: An Evaluation of a Changing Europe.

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