Brenna Harvey

M.A., 2013, Sociology, University of Connecticut
B.A., 2010, Sociology and English, University of Connecticut

Research Interests:

Gender, Sexualities, Masculinities, Feminist and Activist Research, Qualitative Methods

My research focuses on the intersections of gender, sexualities, and masculinities. My current work seeks to explore the particular ways that masculinity and masculine power—social, cultural, and physical—are taught and maintained through the process of heterosexual men’s sexual learning and sexual regulation. Through in-depth life history interviews with heterosexual, college-educated white men, this project seeks to document trends in sexual knowledge transmission among structurally advantaged men, including dominant sources of sexual knowledge and the ways these sources, their content, and the emotional sense of the messages they impart affect men’s development as gendered and sexual beings. I am deeply interested in the ways that the processes of teaching and learning power, as well as the sense of power from the perspective of the powerful, are implicated in the maintenance of inequalities.

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