Angran Li

PhD Candidate

M.A., 2014, Sociology, University of Connecticut

B.A., 2012, Public Administration, Ocean University of China

Research Interests:

My research interests lie in social stratification/inequality, sociology of education, neighborhood effect, higher education, and quantitative methods. I study how various social settings (e.g., schools, communities, and families), independently or jointly, influence parental practices and educational outcomes. I explore how those relationships affect intergenerational transmission of advantages/disadvantages across social groups and national contexts from a comparative perspective.


Obach, Heidi, Angran Li, and Simon Cheng (equal authorship). 2018. “Boys, Girls, and the Second Shift: Paid and Unpaid Labor in High School and Adolescents’ Enrollment in College.” Social Currents. 5(2):173-92. (link)

Li, Angran, and Mary J. Fischer. 2017. “Advantaged/Disadvantaged School Neighborhoods, Parental Networks, and Parental Involvement at Elementary School.” Sociology of Education 90(4):355-77. (link)

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