On the Market: Jayme Schwartzman Amarone

oak-leaf-blue - 150 x 158Jayme Schwartzman Amarone


Previous Degrees:
B.A., 2006, Sociology and Women’s Studies, University of Connecticut
M.A., 2008, Sociology, University of Connecticut
Ph.D., August 2013 (expected), Sociology, University of Connecticut

Research interests:
Crime, Law, and Deviance, Sex and Gender, Children and Youth, Race, Gender, and Class

“Tellin’ It Like It Is: Attitudes Towards and Experiences With Teenage Pregnancy and Parenthood”

Nancy Naples (chair), Simon Cheng, Bandana Purkayastha

Pregnant teenagers and teenage mothers have generated a steady barrage of literature in sociological and educational academic circles. Using a combination of qualitative research methods, including observations, interviews, and content analysis, my dissertation compares the experiences and perspectives of pregnant and mothering students from two different schools: the Rosewood Center and Bennett Falls High School, each of which have very distinct ways of organizing the pregnant/mothering students. Drawing upon Goffman’s notion of stigma and sympathetic others, I suggest that the design of any in-school program tackling teen pregnancy and teen motherhood hinges upon how the students are able to relate to one another while in the educational setting. Thus, the comparison of the students’ perceptions from two very different school programs is the major focus of this paper.

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