Ralph B. McNeal, Jr.

Ralph McNeal, Jr.

Associate Professor of Sociology

Office:315 Manchester Hall
E-Mail: ralph.mcneal@uconn.edu

PhD., 1994, University of North Carolina
M.A., 1992, University of North Carolina
B.A., 1990, University of Miami


Ralph B. McNeal, Jr., William B. Hanson, and Nancy G. Harrington. 2004. “How All Stars Work: An Examination of Program Effects on Mediating Variables.” Health Education and Behavior 31: 165-78.

Ralph B. McNeal, Jr. 1999. “Parental involvement as social capital: differential effectiveness on science achievement, truancy, and dropping out.” Social Forces 78: 117-44.

Ralph B. McNeal, Jr. 1997. “Are Students Being Pulled out of High School?: The Effect of Adolescent Employment on Dropping Out.” Sociology of Education 70: 206-20.