Lynne Goodstein

Lynne Goodstein

Professor of Sociology
Director of Undergraduate Studies, Sociology

Office: 325 Manchester Hall
Telephone: 860 486-4184

PhD., 1977, Social Psychology, CUNY Graduate School
B.A., 1970, Psychology, University of Pennsylvania


Lynne Goodstein is Professor of Sociology at the University of Connecticut. Until 2012 she was also Associate Vice-Provost and Director of the Honors Program. Prior to coming to UConn, Dr. Goodstein was a tenured full professor in the Crime, Law and Justice Program of the Department of Sociology and Associate Dean of the Graduate School at Penn State. Dr. Goodstein’s recent research deals with higher education and high-achieving college students. Currently she is also working on a book on women and crime. She has co-authored or co-edited four books, including The American Prison (1989), and Rethinking Gender, Crime and Justice: Feminist Readings(2006), and a number of book chapters and journal articles on higher education, women and crime, corrections, and sentencing.


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