Financial Aid

The Department of Sociology provides competitive funding packages for all students we admit who need funding. The funding package includes a stipend for a 20-hour per week appointment as a graduate teaching assistant or research assistant, a waiver of tuition, and health insurance.

Graduate Assistant stipend levels for the 2023-2024 academic year are as follows:

Level I: $26,824.59 for graduate assistants with at least B.A.

Level II: $28,225.67 for graduate assistants who achieve the M.A. in Sociology or a closely related field from the University of Connecticut or another university.

Level III: $31,381.55 for graduate assistants who have attained the M.A. in Sociology and passed the doctoral general exam.

For the most current payroll information, please visit the Payroll Department’s Graduate Assistant Stipend Listing.

Students typically receive the following types of appointments:

Graduate Teaching Assistantships
 (typically for pre-MA students) – involves assisting a faculty member in his/her undergraduate or graduate courses with preparation of exams, grading, meeting with students during office hours, class administration, and sometimes leading class discussion sections.
Graduate Instructors (typically for post-MA students) – involves full responsibility for teaching one’s own undergraduate class.
Research Assistant – involves assisting faculty with their research projects that are funded by internal or external grants.

All financial awards are the same, regardless of whether the student is an in-state or out-of-state resident or an international student. For more information about stipends, see the Payroll Department Website.

In addition, some students may qualify for the Jorgensen Fellowship (JF) or the Harriott Fellowship (HF) which provide a service-free fellowship of $20,000 annually (paid monthly) for up to five years. These fellowships are awarded on a competitive basis university-wide by the Graduate School based on nominations by the Sociology Department.

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