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Here are some questions about sociology frequently asked by undergraduates. If your question is not answered here, contact the department office or your advisor. You can click on a heading in the Table of Contents to get to that part of the page.



Where is the Sociology Department located?

The Sociology Department is located in Manchester Hall, which is at the north end of Mirror Lake, across the street from the Montieth Building. Click here for a map . The department office is in rooms 114 and 116, on the first floor near the main entrance.

When is the department office open?

The department office is open from 8:00AM-4PM Monday through Friday. Hours may be shorter when classes are not in session. You do not need to make an appointment to come, but you can call 860 486-4423 if you want to check.

Where are the faculty mailboxes?

The Sociology mailroom is in room 121, which is normally open from 7:30AM to 4 PM on Monday through Friday. The faculty mailboxes are on the right and graduate student boxes on the left. Some courses are taught by graduate students, so check both sides if you’re not sure.

How do I find my professor’s office?

A list of offices, office hours, and phone numbers can be found by clicking here.

I need the department head’s signature for a form. How do I get it?

Ask at the department office. The staff can provide the signature for routine forms, or set up an appointment with the department head if necessary.

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Which catalog year am I under?                            

It is important to know your catalog year, because it determines the graduation requirements that apply to you. It is normally the academic year in which you declared a major in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. The easiest way to find your catalog year is to look on your transcript or degree progress report on Peoplesoft for your “Requirement Term.” If you are not sure or think that the report is incorrect, check with Kathy Covey in the Sociology office.

What are the grade requirements for a major?

You need to maintain a C (2.0) average for the sociology courses listed on your final plan of study. Courses in which you received grades below a C will count if grades in other sociology classes are high enough to bring it to a 2.0 average.

What are the grade requirements for a minor?

You must get a C or above in a course in order to count it towards the minor. That is, the grade requirements for minor courses are stricter than for major courses. We know this doesn’t make any sense, but it’s because of university requirements.

Where can I get more information about the sociology major?

Use the link at left to get the Handbook for Majors. Copies are also available outside the department office.

What are the suggested concentrations listed in the Undergraduate Handbook? Do I need to select one?

No. They are just suggestions about courses that you might find useful or interesting if you are thinking of a career in social services, business, public policy, urban affairs, or criminal justice.

What courses qualify as “related” courses?

See the plan of study forms for information or this page.

When should I talk to my advisor?

You must meet with your advisor in the first three weeks of the semester in which you plan to graduate so that the advisor can approve your final plan of study. You should meet with your advisor before you register for courses every semester to make sure that you are on track to complete all requirements. You should also contact your advisor if any problems or special situations come up (for example, if you are thinking about dropping a course).

How do I set up a meeting with my advisor?                

Different faculty members have different schedules. You can go during office hours, which are listed here, or contact your advisor to ask for an appointment.

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How do I minor in sociology?

You need to complete Sociology 1001 and five different 2000+ level courses, including either Sociology 3201 or 3251. You do not need to declare a minor in sociology. Simply submit a minor plan of study form to the department in the first four weeks of the semester in which you plan to graduate.

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I need to enroll in a class, but it is full. Who should I talk to?

Most sociology courses use the wait lists in Peoplesoft. If the course you are interested in does not have a wait list, contact the instructor. If you encounter problems, contact your advisor or the department office for assistance.

Can I take Sociology classes during the summer?

Yes, we offer many Sociology classes at Storrs and some regional campuses.

Can I take Sociology classes during the inter-session?

No. The sociology department has decided not to offer any winter inter-session or May classes.

What courses will the Sociology Department offer in the future?

Some course listed in the undergraduate catalog are offered every semester, some are offered once a year year, and some are offered less frequently. If you are interested in a course, you should check with your advisor to see whether it is likely to be offered in the near future.

Can I take a Sociology course pass/fail?

Yes, but you can not apply any pass/fail course to the major or general education requirements.

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Is there an honors program in sociology?

Yes–students with a GPA of 3.2 or higher are eligible. For more information, contact Professor Simon Cheng.

How do I do an internship?

Sociology offers a field experience program under course numbers 3990 and 3991. Contact the professor who is teaching it the semester that you want to take it—check the course listing in the Peoplesoft system for the current instructors.

What minors might go with a major in Sociology?

Many departments and programs offer minors. For a complete list, see

Popular minors for sociology majors include:
–  Criminal Justice
–  Human Rights
–  Women’s Studies

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Can I go through the commencement ceremony in May if I’m not completely done with my classes?

Typically you can walk in May if you will complete all requirements by the end of the summer. Check with the registrar’s office for the most up-to-date information.

What forms do I need to fill out to graduate?

There are two things you need to do in order to graduate: (1) get your advisor’s approval for your final plan of study and turn in to the department office and (2) apply to graduate at the registrar’s office web site.

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