Doctorates Granted


Galilea, Ordoitz
Ph.D. Dissertation: What it Takes to Throw a Party: Community Frames of Meaning, Identity and Contestation in the Festival of San Fermín

Kristen Kirksey
Ph.D. Dissertation: Global Priorities and Local Realities: The Implementation of Global Health and Development Policy in Ethiopia


Amy Lawton
Ph.D. Dissertation: Donor Bodies, Medical Schools, and the Scientific Sacred

Emma Gonzalez-Lesser
Ph.D. Dissertation: Becoming Jewish: Ethno-Racial Identity and Jews by Choice

Nabil Tueme
Ph.D. Dissertation: Latino Youth Activism: Reconceptualizing Risk in Social Movement Theory


Latisha Nielsen
Ph.D. Dissertation: You drop them off, I’ll pick them up: An Analysis of Families lived Experiences With Building Cultural Capital in their Progeny.

Jordan McMillan
Ph.D. Dissertation: Risk and Framing in Health Social Movements

Selam Esayas Negatu
Ph.D. Dissertation: Clapping with One Hand: Conceptualizing Female Headship and Intersecting Inequalities in Farming in Ethiopia

Ezana Amdework Atsbeha
Ph.D. Dissertation: Crafting a Hybrid: Water, Infrastructure, and Conflict in Irrigation Institutions in Ethiopia

Caner Hazar
Ph.D. Dissertation: The LGBT Movement in Turkey, 1980-2020: Applying a Heteronational Matrix Analysis


Ruth Hernandez
Ph.D. Dissertation: “Rompiendo Fronteras:” Family Reunification and Activism in a Transnational Mexican Community

Koyel Khan
Ph.D. Dissertation: Between Nationalism and Neoliberal Globalization: the practices of Indian Classical Dance

Shi (Sylvia) Pu
Ph.D. Dissertation: Institutions, Self-transformations, and the Making of the Chinese Middle Class

Kathleen Ragon
Ph.D. Dissertation: “This is a place of Business:” The Market Schema and Graduate Employee Unionization in the Corporate University

Michael Rosino
Ph.D. Dissertation: Democracy is Awkward: Grassroots Progressive Politics and Racial Inequality


Chong-suk Han
Ph.D. Dissertation: Different Shades of Queer: Race and Racism in Gay America

Cristina Khan
Ph.D. Dissertation: Undoing Borders: A Feminist Exploration of Erotic Performance by Lesbian Women of Color

Adane Zawdu Gebyanesh
Ph.D. Dissertation: When Rituals Migrate: A Study Of The Relationships Between Collaborative Culture Practices And Social Ties Among Ethiopian Immigrants In Israel

Bianca Gonzalez-Sobrino
Ph.D. Dissertation: “Todo es un interes.” Puerto Ricans, Belonging, “Race”, and Threat in Hartford

Abby Willis
Ph.D. Dissertation: State Projects/ Daily Life: Negotiating Non-Monogamies 

Angran Li
Ph.D. Dissertation: Unequal Childhoods Revisited: Examining the Causal Effects of  Concerted Cultivation in Elementary School

Qiong (Miranda) Wu
Ph.D. Dissertation: Inequality Matters in Transitional China: The Hukon System, Class Structure, and Stratification Outcomes

Joonghyun Kwak
Ph.D. Dissertation: The Impact of the Great Recession on Attitudes toward Globalization: A Cross-National Study of 22 Countries


Erika Del Villar
Ph.D. Dissertation: Our Holy Grail: Power, States, and Networks in the Stymied Global Quest to Define Terrorism

Devon Goss
Ph.D. Dissertation: The Paradox of Integration: Whites Entering Spaces of Color

Nikki McGary
Ph.D. Dissertation: Adolescent Reproduction and the Contradictory Role of the State: A Discourse Analysis of Abortion Laws and Parental

Todd Vachon
Ph.D. Dissertation: Clean Air and Good Jobs: U.S. Labor and the Struggle for Climate Justice

Kamryn Warren
Ph.D. Dissertation: Resettlement as Everyday Life: Navigating the Bureaucracy of Forced Migration


Kuo-Hsun (Josef) Ma
Ph.D. Dissertation: The Inequality of Digital Learning among Students in Rich and Poor Countries

Nicolas Simon
Ph.D. Dissertation: First-Generation College Students And Their Social Capital, An Intersectional Approach

Malaena Taylor
Ph.D. Dissertation: Social Movements and Mainstream Media: Framing Processes in an Ideologically Segmented TV News Field


Por-fu Aspen Chen
Ph.D. Dissertation: The Early Academic Growth of Children of U.S.
Immigrants: A Longitudinal Analysis

Allen Hyde
Ph.D. Dissertation: Neoliberalism, Finance, and Income Inequality: An Examination of Affluent Capitalist Democracies

Kristine Olsen
Ph.D. Dissertation: Negotiating Success: Organizational Continuity and Decline in the Movement for Same-Sex Marriage

Farhan Yousaf
Ph.D. Dissertation: Fleeing Violence: Gender, Human Rights, and Trafficking in Women in Pakistan


Christopher Donnelly
Ph.D. Dissertation: The Virtual Vanguard: White Supremacism, the Internet, and Social Change

Roseanne Njiru
Ph.D. Disseration: Nipe-nikupe: A Multi-level Perspective of Gender and HIV Prevention in Heterosexual Marriages in Kenya


Miho Iwata
Ph.D. Dissertation: The Racial Landscape in Japan

Barret Katuna
Ph.D. Dissertation: Breaking the Glass Ceiling?: Gender and Leadership in Higher Education

Christine Zozula
Ph.D. Dissertation: Meaningful Punishment: Community Courts and Constructions of Crime


Shweta Adur
Ph.D. Dissertation: Negotiating Sexuality and Ethnicity: Queer South Asians in the U.S.

Cheryl (Smith) McFarland
Ph.D. Dissertation: The Changing Structure of Healthcare Organizations: Examining Physician-Hospital Integration and its Impact on Healthcare and Quality of Care in Metropolitan Areas

Stacy Missari
Ph.D. Dissertation: Sexual Empowerment for All?: Exploring the Connections between Social Inequality and Expectations of Sexual Pleasure from Adolescence to Young Adulthood

Rachel Leventhal-Weiner
Ph.D. Dissertation: Keeping it in Context: Examining Spatial Stratification of College Attendance for Rural, Urban, and Suburban Students

Lwendo Moonzwe
Ph.D. Dissertation: Women’s Empowerment and Sexual Risk in Zambia

Ranita Ray
Ph.D. Dissertation: Against the Odds: Urban Youth, Poverty, and “Success”

Chandra Waring
Ph.D. Dissertation: Beyond “Codeswitching”: The Racial Capital of Black/White Biracial Americans


Mustafa Gurbuz
Ph.D. Dissertation: Kurdish Ethnic and Islamic Mobilizations in Turkey: A Study of Rival Movements


Barbara Gurr
Ph.D. Dissertation: The Ruling Relations of Reproductive Healthcare for Native American Women

Thomas R. Hochschild Jr.
Ph.D. Dissertation: Neighbors by Design: Determinants and Effects of Residential Social Cohesion

Melissa Lavin
Ph.D. Dissertation: What Strippers Know and Do: Substance Use and Sanctions at Mell’s Belles

Deric Shannon
Ph.D. Dissertation: Making Culture: Food Not Bombs

Jungyun Gill
Ph.D. Dissertation: Forming, Doing, and Governing Adoptive Motherhood of Asian Children: Implications for a Non-Biocentric Theory of Families

Mary Burke
Ph.D. Dissertation: Medico-Psychology, Body Politics, and the Transgender Health Movement

Gordon Gauchat
Ph.D. Dissertation: The Politicization of Science in the Public Sphere


Maura Kelly
Ph. D. Dissertation: Feminist Identity, Feminist Politics: A Sociological Exploration of Contemporary U.S. Feminism

Natalie Peluso
Ph. D. Dissertation: High Heels and Fast Wheels: Alternative Femininities in Neo-Burlesque and Flat-Track Roller Derby

Jamie Gusrang
Ph. D. Dissertation: Removing the “Risk” from Adolescent Sexual Behavior: An Intersectional Analysis of Adolescent Sexual Empowerment

Angie Beeman
Ph.D. Dissertation: Grassroots Organizing and Post-Civil Rights Racism: The Dilemma of Negotiating Interracial Solidarity in a Color-Blind Society


Medora Barnes
Ph.D. Dissertation: Balancing Beliefs, Behaviors, and a Baby: How young dual-earner couples negotiate paid and unpaid work during the transition to parenthood

Lauren Ross
Ph.D. Dissertation: Contradictions in Power, Sexuality, and Consent: An Institutional Ethnography of Male Neonatal Circumcision

David Kremelberg
Ph.D. Dissertation: Sources and Targets of Anti-Semitism in the United States

Thomas Volscho
Ph.D. Dissertation: Sterilization Racism: A Quantitative Study of Pan-Ethnic and Ethnic Disparities in Sterilization, Sterilization Regret, and Long-Acting Contraceptive Use

Katie Acosta
Ph.D. Dissertation: Amigas y Amantes”: How First and Second Generation Latinas Negotiate Family, Partnerships, and Community in the United States

Timothy Stablein
Ph.D. Dissertation: Negotiating Spaces: A Study of Street Life, Peer Involvement, and Homelessness in Harvard Square


Stephen Ostertag
Ph.D. Dissertation: Negotiating News A Study of the Social Construction of News Realities or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Know the News-World


Debarashmi, Mitra
Ph.D. Dissertation: Globalization, Women’s Labor Force Status, and Empowerment: A Cross-National Study

Andrew Fullerton
Ph.D. Dissertation: Between Industry and Labor Market: Examining the Impact of the Spatial Agglomeration of Firms and Industries on Wages in the U.S.

Casey Borch
Ph.D. Dissertation: Whose Opinion Counts? An Analysis of the Opinion-Policy Linkage in the U.S. States

William Armaline
Ph.D. Dissertation: Human Rights Abuses and Systemic Racism Through the Criminalization of Survival: An Ethnographic Exploration of Juvenile Detention in a New England City

Anjana Narayan
Ph.D. Dissertation: Ethnic Organizations and Ethnic Identities: Websites as a Tool for Creating Transnational Gendered Identities


Laura Steck
Ph.D. Dissertation: Gender and Parenthood in Postsecondary Education: The Social Organization of Everyday Life Among Undergraduate Students with Children


Christine Fay
Ph.D. Dissertation: Social Context of the Performance Appraisal Process: Exploring Individual, Organizational Job, and Social Effects on Employee Reactions to Performance Appraisal

Rachel Sullivan
Ph.D. Dissertation: Negotiating Family Approval of Black/White Interracial Relationships

Donald Levy
Ph.D. Dissertation: Sports Fanship Habitus: An Investigation of the Active Consumption of Sport, Its Effects and Social Implications Through the Lives of Fantasy Sport Enthusiasts

Karen Powell Sears
Ph.D. Dissertation: Extending Disidentification Theory: The Effects of Stereotype Threat on the Self-Concept, Academic Engagement, and School Performance of African American and Latino High School Students


Danielle Currier
Ph.D. Dissertation: Gendered Athletes: The Social Construction of Gender, Sexuality, and Emotion Among College Athletes

Virginia Merlini
Ph.D. Dissertation: A Case Study of the Equestrian Sport of Polo: An Integrative Approach To Issues of Structure, Function, and Interaction

Sandra Bender Fromson
Ph.D. Dissertation: Pawns, Knights, Or Kings: Understanding the Role of Regulators in Public Policy


Beth Jacobson
Ph.D. Dissertation: Rooting for Laundry: An Examination of the Creation and Maintenance of a Sport Fan Identity

Dena Wallerson
Ph.D. Dissertation: Staying Black”: An Analysis of Outcomes of Pressure to Demonstrate One’s Racial Connectedness

Florence Maatita
Ph.D. Dissertation: Mothers and Playgroups: “Doing” Motherhoods in the Social Sphere

Beth A. Merenstein
Ph.D. Dissertation: Racial Reproduction: The Development and Expression of Racial Knowledge Among Immigrants

Frederick Roth
Ph.D. Dissertation: Urban Policing in the Democratic Third World: A Comparative Study of Botswana and Mauritius


Donna Bird
Ph.D. Dissertation: Determinants of State-Level Health Care Reform Policies, 1988-1994

Joan Twiggs
Ph.D. Dissertation: The Medical Framing of Abortion: A Comparative Study of Abortion Discourse in the Media and the Supreme Court

Marita McComiskey
Ph.D. Dissertation: Passionately Political Peace-Activist Parents: Nurturing the World While Politicizing the Family

Mark Swiencicki
Ph.D Dissertation: Difference For Sale: How Advertisers Construct Different Versions of Race, Class, Gender, and Sexuality in Ten Men’s Magazines

Mangala, Subramaniam
Ph.D. Dissertation: Translating Participation in Informal Organizations into Empowerment: Women in Rural India


Rosalie Stone
Ph. D. Dissertation: Beyond Hispanic: Decomposing the Earnings Gap Between Puerto Ricans, Cubans and Mexicans

Angus Donald Vail
Ph.D. Dissertation: The Tattoos We Deserve: Producing Culture and Constructing Elitism

Monibo Sam
Ph.D. Dissertation: Obstacles to the Continuity of Small Businesses: The Problem of Succession in Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs) in South-Eastern Nigeria, 1971-1997

John T. Ambenge
Ph.D. Dissertation: Breaking Traditional Bonds: Analysis of Female Rural-Urban Migration in Kenya

Lance E. Hannon
Ph.D. Dissertation: Urban Poverty, Public Assistance, and Murder in the U.S.

Cynthia C. Barrere
Ph.D. Dissertation: Nurse-Patient Communication: The Influence of Gender, Time, and Context


Heather Madray
Ph.D. Dissertation: Cultural and Institutional Factors in Health Promotion Theory: The Case of HIV Prevention in Russia

Robert J. Mills
Ph.D. Dissertation: Social Determinants of Adolescent Tobacco Use

Bandana Purkayastha
Ph.D. Dissertation: Ethnic Vitality of Asian Americans and Hispanics: Do Places Matter?


Hong Xiao
Ph.D. Dissertation: A Comparative Study of Childrearing Values in the United State and China

Sandra Enos
Ph.D. Dissertation: Managing Motherhood in Prison: Examining the Enactment of Motherhood in a Special Setting

Julia McQuillan
Ph.D. Dissertation: Gender and Marital Power: Explaining the Division of Labor, Perceived Equity, and Distress Among Two Earner Couples

Loretta Bass
Ph.D. Dissertation: Working for Peanuts: Children’s Market Work in Urban Areas of Senegal

Daniel Skidmore
Ph.D. Dissertation: Money on the Wing: The Deregulation of Banks and Airlines from a Contingency Perspective

Denise Anthony
Ph.D. Dissertation: Investing In Trust: Building Cooperation and Social Capital In Micro-Credit Borrowing Groups

Ruth Arnold
Ph.D. Dissertation: Constrained Choices: Contingent Work Among Youth and Young Adults During the 1980s and Early 1990s


Sue L. Williams
Ph.D. Dissertation: Gender Regimes and the Prophecy of Place: Micro/Macro Dimensions of Stratification Processes for Young Women

Silke Roth
Ph.D. Dissertation: Political Socialization, Bridging Organization, Social Movement Interaction: The Coalition of Labor Union Women, 1974-1996

Ronit Shemtov
Ph.D. Dissertation: Goal Expansion Among Social Movement Organizations: The Case of Community-Environmental Groups

Alice Pritchard
Ph.D. Dissertation: Sexual Harassment in the American Workplace


Xun Wang
Ph.D. Dissertation: Institutional Environment, Management Systems and Organizational Effectiveness: A Study of Industrial Enterprises in China


Laurie Gordy
Ph.D. Dissertation: Which Side of the Tracks are You on?:  The Politics of Tracking in an American Secondary School

Su Epstein
Ph.D. Dissertation: Characters Amok:  The Representation of Serial Killers in American Films


Mark A. Winton
Ph.D. Dissertation: The Sociology of Science and Male Sexual Dysfunctions

Pamela J. Byrnes
Ph.D. Dissertation: The Massachusetts Universal Health Insurance Law:  A Case Study of Making Health Care Policy

Yiorgos Apostolopoulos
Ph.D. Dissertation: The Perceived Effects of Tourism Industry Development: A Comparison of Two Hellenic Islands


Barbara G. Sosnowitz
Ph.D. Dissertation: The Social Construction of AIDS and the Personalization of Risk

Anthony J. Sommo
Ph.D. Dissertation: Making It Blind:  Institutional Barriers to Life Goals

Sung Ho Ko
Ph.D. Dissertation: Urbanization in the Third World:  South Korea, 1960-1980

Kurt J. Greenland
Ph.D. Dissertation: Workers’ Health and Safety in the United States:  The Effects of Economic Segmentation and Social Class

Jennifer Brown
Ph.D. Dissertation: Safer Sex Practices:  Gender, Power and Risk in a College Student Population


James Charles Williams,
Ph.D Dissertation: Socialization Experience and Identity Foreclosure:  An Exploration of the Effects of Role Disengagement on the Personal Adjustment of Former College Athletes

Wayne Luther Thompson
Ph.D Dissertation: The Ecology of Membership Change in Presbyterian Congregations, 1970-1988

Patrick Hynes
Ph.D. Dissertation: The Corporate Control of Psychiatry:  The Emergence and Dynamics of Psychiatric Concurrent Review


Seong Y. Shin
Ph.D. Dissertation: An Analysis of Person-Environment Interaction in Elderly Migration Streams to and within the Northeast: 1975-1980

Elaine J. Hall
Ph.D. Dissertation: Waiting on Tables:  Gender Integration in a Service Occupation

Judith Fifield
Ph.D. Dissertation: Gender, Class and the Illness Experience of Rheumatoid Arthritis

Suphot Dendoung
Ph.D. Dissertation: Malaria Control Programs and Community Participation in Four Contrasting Thai Communities

Eleni G. Apospori-Sografos
Ph.D. Dissertation: The Roles of Perceived Severity of Legal Sanctions, Perceived Legitimacy of Criminal Justice System, and Differential Experience of Legal Sanctions on Deterrence


Angwara D. Kiwara
Ph.D. Dissertation: Workers’ Health and Safety in Kenya and Tanzania

Mark D. Hardt
Ph.D. Dissertation: Relative Population Change in Nonmetropolitan Counties, 1970-1980 and 1980-1985


Robert R. Weaver
Ph.D. Dissertation: The Diffusion of Decision Support Technology in Medicine

Sylvie Carole Tourigny
Ph.D. Dissertation: Remission or Death:  The Social Psychology of Stress and Coping in Epithelial Ovarian Carcinoma Patients


Timothy Frederick Morse
Ph.D. Dissertation: Dying to Know:  Workers’ Struggle to Get Information on Toxic Chemicals

Richard Joseph Jacobsen
Ph.D. Dissertation: Primary Care and the Urban Poor:  A Case Study of Organization-Environment Relations


Sharyn Leanne Roach
Ph.D. Dissertation: The Recruitment of Men and Women Lawyers to In-House Legal Departments:  The Interplay of Environmental, Organizational, and Individual Properties

Randi Lynn Miller
Ph.D. Dissertation: The Impact of Voluntary Busing on the Desegregation Experiences of Minority Students in Five Connecticut Suburban Communities

Catherine Alice McDonald
Ph.D. Dissertation: Establishment of Alternative Health Organizations

Vanetta-Marie D’Andrea
Ph.D. Dissertation: The Women of Survivance:  A Case Study of Ethnic Persistence Among the Members of Franco-American Women’s Groups in New England, 1950-Present

Valerie Jean carter
Ph.D. Dissertation: New Technology and Relations of Control in Clerical Work:  The Impact of Office Automation on the Clerical Labor Process


William Norman Singleton
Ph.D. Dissertation: Talcott Parsons’ Theory of Scientific Development and Talcott Parsons’ Theoretical Productions

Mark Albert Mesler
Ph.D. Dissertation: Negotiated Order and the Clinical Pharmacist

William P. Anderson Jr.
Ph.D. Dissertation: Intersecting Cultures in Mass Society:  National, Regional, and Local Hegemony in Southern and Regional Cities, 1950-1980

Akwasi Aidoo
Ph.D. Dissertation: Social Class, the State, and Medical Decolonization in Ghana: in the Political Economy of Health Care


Harold Sadowy
Ph.D. Dissertation: Physician Pricing:  Theory and Practice, A Comprehensive Topic Overview and In-depth Analysis of a Local Market

Ruth Lyn Riedel
Ph.D. Dissertation: Survival of the Fittest:  The Process and Politics of Evaluating Medical Practice

Kathleen Mary Carroll
Ph.D. Dissertation: Women in the Contemporary American Mystery Novel:  A Study in the Sociology of Literature


Stuart Allen Wright
Ph.D. Dissertation: A Sociological Study of Defection from Controversial New Religious Movements

Kathleen Driscoll (Laszio)
Ph.D. Dissertation: The Emergence of Social Structure in a Modern Dance Company:  A Case Study

Lois Marie Dagle
Ph.D. Dissertation: The Healthy Deviant:  Personal Identity, Interpersonal Communication, and the Variable Impact of Labeling


John Neyland Wright
Ph.D. Dissertation: Fear of Crime:  Determinants and Consequences

Sharla Patrice-Logan Rausch
Ph.D. Dissertation: Perception of Sanctions, Informal Controls and Deterrence

Julia W. Miller
Ph.D. Dissertation: Social Factors Affecting Coronary Heart Disease Mortality

Beatrice Esther Manning
Ph.D. Dissertation: Nurses on Strike:  A Case Study

Roland E. Holstead
Ph.D. Dissertation: The Differential Responses of Protestant Church Policies to Racial Change in an Urban Area

Rochelle C. Feldman
Ph.D. Dissertation: The Institutionalization of the Women’s Movement in American Higher Education


Christine Noelle Witzel
Ph.D. Dissertation: Nurse Practitioners and Patient-Oriented Care:  The Impact of Setting, Role, and Practitioner

Joseph F. Mulhall
Ph.D. Dissertation: The Apprenticeship of the Handicapped:  An Interactional Analysis of the Disruption and Reconstitution of the Social Careers of Physically Disabled Persons

Alan R. Lopez
Ph.D. Dissertation: Reality Construction and Transformation in an Eastern Mystical Cult: A Sociological Study

Norman Lifton
Ph.D. Dissertation: Saintliness and Deviance:  The Catholic Worker Movement

Sylvia Kenig
Ph.D. Dissertation: Limits on Theory:  A Case Study of the Relationships of Market and State to Theory in the Community Mental Health Movement

Lois Haignere
Ph.D. Dissertation: Admission of Women to Medical Schools:  A Study of Organizational Response to Movement and Public Policy Pressures

Richard Hector Guerrette
Ph.D. Dissertation: The Emmanuel Servant Community:  A Case Study of a Social Movement Organization

Jay Lance Gould
Ph.D. Dissertation: Consumer Influence in Health Planning:  The Effects of Health Experiences and Personal Characteristics


Susan Spiggle
Ph.D. Dissertation: The Emergence of a Social Movement:  Nineteenth Century Women’s Rights

Stephen Sharkey
Ph.D. Dissertation: Art into Society:  The Case of Italian Futurism

Jesus N. Samper-Ahumada
Ph.D. Dissertation: The Ecological Complex and Service Sector Growth:  The Case of Non-Metropolitan Counties in the Northeastern United States, 1950-70

Robert A. Lowe
Ph.D. Dissertation: Responding to Non-Conformity:  The Influence of Social and Situational Factors on Observers’ Reactions

Frances A. Boudreau (Newman)
Ph.D. Dissertation: Selves and Significant Others:  A Study of Women Who “Drop Back In.”


Richard A. Lusky, 1979
Ph.D. Dissertation: Ideological and Interest Group Barriers to Comprehensive Rehabilitation for the Physically Disabled:  A Regional Investigation

Lawrence A. Lovell-Troy
Ph.D. Dissertation: Kinship Structure and Economic Organization Among Ethnic Groups:  Greek Immigrants in the Pizza Business

Randolph Lamkin Jr.
Ph.D. Dissertation: A Multivariate Analysis of Social and Psychological Precursors of the Coronary-Prone Behavior Patter

Nora Ganim (now Barnes)
Ph.D. Dissertation: Isolation, Powerlessness, and Fraud:  The Plight of the Elderly Consumer

David K. Carboni
Ph.D. Dissertation: Occupational Specialization Movements:  The Case of Geriatric Medicine in the U.S.A. and Great Britain


Michele Wilson
Ph.D. Dissertation: Folk Crime:  Patterns of Accommodation between Law Enforcers and Law Violators

Robert P. Weber
Ph.D. Dissertation: The Dynamics of Value Change, Transformations, and Cycles:  British Speeches from the throne, 1689-1972

Ursula G. Dibble
Ph.D. Dissertation: Socially Sheared Deprivation, Participation in Non-Violent Protest and the Approval of Violence:  The Experience of American Blacks During the Nineteen Sixties

Rosalyn P. Darling
Ph.D. Dissertation: Parents, Pediatricians, and Societal Relations to Congenitally Handicapped Children:  A Career Study of Conflicting Definitions of the Situation


John P. Roche
Ph.D. Dissertation: Ethnic Attitudes and Ethnic Behavior:  Italian Americans in Two Rhode Island Suburban Communities

Bruce London
Ph.D. Dissertation: Metropolis and Nation:  An Ecological Analysis of Primate City-Hinterland Relationships in Thailand

William G. Flanagan
Ph.D. Dissertation: The Extended Family as an Agent in Urbanization:  A Survey of Men and Women Working in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania


Thomas S. Weinberg
Ph.D. Dissertation: Becoming Homosexual:  Self-Discovery, Self-Identity, and Self-Maintenance

Steven J. Stack
Ph.D. Dissertation: Inequality in Industrial Society:  Income Distribution in Capitalist and Socialist Nations

John A. Pandiani
Ph.D. Dissertation: Social Roles, Social Norms, and Driving Behavior

Joseph M. Holtzman
Ph.D. Dissertation: Regional Planning and Coordinating Structures in Health Care: A Sociological Analysis

Francis J. Hearn
Ph.D. Dissertation: Domination and Legitimation in Industrial Capitalism:  The Incorporation of the English Working Class and the Historical Roots of One-Dimensionality

Joseph R. Fernandez
Ph.D. Dissertation: Conscription in the Civil War and World War I:  The Rejection and Acceptance of Authority

Joseph W. Debolt
Ph.D. Dissertation: Personality and Leadership in Small Groups:  An Exploration of the Relationship between Leadership and Internal vs. External Locus of Control

Jon Darling
Ph.D. Dissertation: An Interactionist Interpretation of Bachelorhood and Late Marriage

Vincent L. Bolduc
Ph.D. Dissertation: Association and Community


Charles H. Swanson,
Ph.D. Dissertation: Female Sexual Careers:  The Paths and Processes in Becoming Sexually Active

Donald M. Perry
Ph.D. Dissertation: Tolerance of Deviants and Social Class

Charlotte G. O’Kelly
Ph.D. Dissertation: The Black Press and the Black Protest Movement:  A Study of the Response of Mass Media to Social Change, 1946-1972

Hugh F. Lena III
Ph.D. Dissertation: The Anatomy and Functioning of the Hospital:  A Comparative, Longitudinal Analysis of Organizational Structure and Performance

Lakshmi B. Krishnamurty
Ph.D. Dissertation: Reference Group Theory and Drug Use Dynamics in a College Population

James R. Hayes
Ph.D. Dissertation: The War Within a War:  Dissent in the Military with an Emphasis upon the Vietnam Era

Richard C. Bibbee
Ph.D. Dissertation: Historico-Criticism and Social Theory:  A Study of the Development of the Forms of Collective Thought by the Use of Mathematical Structures


Andrew P. Hopkins
Ph.D. Dissertation: Return to Crime:  A quasi-Experimental Study of the Effects of Imprisonment and Its Alternatives


Ames F. Tryon
Ph.D. Dissertation: An Ecological Analysis of Factors Associated with Variations in the Supply of Dental Manpower in Metropolitan America

Ronald G. Iacovetta
Ph.D. Dissertation: Socioeconomic Status, Adolescent-Adult Interaction, and Peer Group Involvement


Charles E. Hurst
Ph.D. Dissertation: A Study of the Relationships Among Race, Class and Consciousness

Scott B. Cummings
Ph.D. Dissertation: The Influence of Family Life on the Scholastic Performance of Urban High School Students:  A Critical Examination of the Cultural Deprivation Hypothesis


Meredith D. Pugh
Ph.D. Dissertation: Consequences of Student Self-Evaluations

Samih Khalil Farsoun
Ph.D. Dissertation: Family Structure in a Modernizing Society


Mostafa Nagi
Ph.D. Dissertation: Demographic and Socio-Economic Analysis of the Egyptian Labor Force, 1938-85

Janice Swenson
Ph.D. Dissertation: Alienation of Social Involvement


Patrick Luck
Ph.D. Dissertation: Social Determinants of Self Esteem


Robert Sherwin
Ph.D. Dissertation: Social Class Values and Deviant Behavior:  An Empirical Test of Some Theories of Delinquency


Virginia Vidich
Ph.D. Dissertation: Climatic Public Health and Nutritional Correlates of Infant Mortality Variations Among Cities in Columbia, South America, 1962.

Elechanan Lahav
Ph.D. Dissertation: Social Incongruency and Occupational Choice

Michael Gordon
Ph.D. Dissertation: Juvenile Delinquency in the American Novel 1905-1967:  A Study in the Sociology of Literature

Cyril Robert Friedman
Ph.D. Dissertation: Attitudes Toward Protest Strategy and Participation in Protest Groups Among Negro Americans

Willard Callender
Ph.D. Dissertation: A Social Psychological Study of Suicide Related Behavior in a Student Population


Franklin Watson
Ph.D. Dissertation: An Analysis of Selected Demographic and Social Differences Among the Suburbs of the Metropolitan Community of Hartford, CT.

John Petras
Ph.D. Dissertation: The Genesis and Development of Symbolic Interactions in American Sociology

Harry Kienzle
Ph.D. Dissertation: Emile Durkheim and American Sociology:  A Study in the Philosophical Presuppositions of a Science


Leona Beatrice Bachrach
Ph.D. Dissertation: Sociological Correlates of Neonatal and Post Neonatal Mortality in the United States 1949-1951


William Almy Morrison
Ph.D. Dissertation: The Relationships of Family Size and Socio-Cultural Variables to Attitudes toward Family Planning in a Village of India


Leo Arthur Suslow
Ph.D. Dissertation: Social Security in Guatemala:  A Case Study in Bureaucracy and Social Welfare Planning