Declare a Major

Ready to Become a Sociology Major?

We are excited to have you!  To complete the process, please see the steps outlined below. If, at any point, you have questions about how to declare a major or need to speak with an Academic Advisor, please contact the Sociology staff below.

Manchester Hall 112


Manchester Hall 114


To declare a Sociology (SOCI) Major: Visit, log in with your NetID, and then follow the instructions to declare a major.

To declare Sociology (SOCI) as a 2nd Major: For those students already in CLAS, the process of declaring a double major is simple. First, fill out the Double Major Form. Then see either Kathryn Upson in Manchester Hall 112 or Katherine Covey in Manchester Hall 114 for departmental signature. You will also need to obtain signatures from your primary major and the CLAS Academic Services Center.

After declaring the Sociology (SOCI) major: You will need to meet with Kathryn Upson, Sociology Academic Advisor, for an initial advising appointment to review the program requirements and so she can answer any questions you may have. After this meeting, you will be assigned to a faculty advisor. If you would like to request a particular faculty member as an advisor, you may do so and we will try our best to accommodate your request.

Advising appointments: You may meet with your faculty advisor or Kathryn Upson for any advising appointments. To make an appointment with your faculty advisor, please email them. To make an appointment with Kathryn Upson, please go to and select “Sociology”.