The Sociology Minor

Thinking about a Minor in Sociology?

Sociology is the perfect supplement to almost any major. Students will gain incite on a number of topics, engage in critical thought and learn to build responses to the World’s ‘tough questions’.

Below, there are steps outlining how to declare a Minor within CLAS. Additionally, there is a summary of the requirements to complete the Undergraduate Minor.

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To declare a SOCI Minor: visit
If you have met the requirements, you need to file the SOCI Minor Plan of Study in the department office in the first four weeks of the semester in which you graduate.



Introductory Course:

  • One of the following: 
    • SOCI 1001   Introduction to Sociology
    • SOCI 1251    Social Problems
    • SOCI 1501    Race, Class, and Gender
    • SOCI 1701    Society in Global Perspective
      One of the above is a pre-requisite to SOCI 3201 and 3251.
  • One of the following: 
    • SOCI 3251     Social Theory
    • SOCI 3201    Research Methods
  •  Twelve additional credits in sociology at the 2000+ level.
  • Other notes:
    1. A grade of “C” or better in a course is required in order to count it towards the minor. This is different than the major requirement, which is a “C” average in Sociology courses.
    2. Space is often limited in Soci 3201 and 3251, so you should try to take them early.
    3. The minor will be listed on your transcript but not on your diploma.
    4. The university has the following general rules: “The same course may be used to meet both major and minor course requirements unless specifically stated otherwise in a major or minor. A maximum of 3 credits toward the minor may be transfer credits of courses equivalent to University of Connecticut courses. Substitutions are not possible for required courses in a minor.”